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You Get 37 BEST Marketing Programs...
by Dan Kennedy, Jeff Paul, Brian Keith Voiles, Fred Gleeck,
Ron LeGrand, TJ Rohleder, Bob Serling and Others...

... PLUS Some SERIOUS Business Boosting Bonuses,
All In Digital Format With INSTANT ACCESS!

Hear What Other Business Owners Say
About Dan Kennedy's Training...


Component #1: Magnetic Marketing Toolkit

Amazingly Powerful Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Direct Marketing, Customer And Client Attraction and Persuasion Strategies Revealed...

Discover how to stop being an advertising victim, and get accurately measurable, quick results from each and every dollar you put into ANY kind of advertising, marketing, or promotion.

Created specifically for small business owners and sales professionals, this classic course is a MUST HAVE Toolkit for ANY serious entrepreneur who does ANY kind of advertising.

You get...

A large 300 page Manual (in pdf) of swipe files and ads - to help you ATTRACT A FLOOD OF NEW CUSTOMERS & DOMINATE ANY "TARGET MARKET"
6 audios (in mp3) covering the entire course, including a cafeteria cd, which walks you through every tool and example in the kit
Bonus Report 1: "How To (At Least) Double The Results From Your Yellow Pages, Coupons And Other 'Print' Advertising."


Bonus Report 2: "How To Turn Mailing Lists Into Money: Sophisticated Target Marketing Made Simple." - shows you how to obtain names, addresses, etc.., of the people most likely to buy your products or services.


Bonus Report 3: "How To Print All The Money You Want Legally." - shows you how to create "lead generation magnets", "widgets", and "secondary reason for response."
"I'm the mortgage broker in Ottawa you may or may not remember. I've been using your 'stuff' for about 3 years we are getting about 400 calls - are you sitting down? - a day! Thank you."

- Grant King
Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage

"After attending your seminar in Omaha, we purchased your Magnetic Marketing System. WOW! We used the 3-letter System to sell our Coupon Books. We targeted 1,600 local companies. We sent out our letters about 9 days apart. Our response: Letter #1, 7%; Letter #2, 8%; Letter #3, 3%; total response: 18%! We sold 3,700 books and had a profit of $26,000.00!You're a legend!"

- Doug Nielson
The Big-O Book, Market Innovators
Omaha, NE

"Dan Kennedy is directly responsible for my selling over $500,000 books and videos."

- Darrel Montero
Phoenix, AZ

"I've used a lot of your ideas, with the latest success wrinkle being 'your choice'& I created three levels of packages & I've had a near 75% up-sell from $2.95 to $50.00 on my recorded message!"

- Mark Smith
Expert In Trade Show Selling
Colorado Springs, CO

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Component #2: Chiropractor/Dentist Supplement

This supplement was designed specifically for Chiropractors and Dentists and has a large swipe file of ads for these 2 markets. This is a supplement to the original Magnetic Marketing Toolkit, listed above.

Component #3: MLM/Network Marketing Supplement  

This supplement is for the Network Marketing/MLM industry with ads and samples on how to use direct response marketing and direct mail in this niche. Also known as "Prospecting Sucks!" book.

"Stop cold calling, and wasting time trying to prospect people who haven't shown any interest..." With this guide you can start generating leads with interested and pre-qualified prospects for your business.


Component #4: Copywriting Seminar In A Box

"Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan's closed door, 2-day Seminar where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most powerful and most profitable copywriting techniques"

This high-powered Seminar was completely Sold-Out and there was a long waiting list of others who desperately wanted to attend but couldn't. Now you can get the whole thing in audios.

WARNING: This is only for people VERY SERIOUS about being world-class, powerful and very time-efficient direct-response copywriters OR who are using ads, sales letters, and other printed tools in their business.

This was an advanced workshop.


(1) you are serious about turning your own business into a gold-plated, awesome money machine, utilizing ads and mailings that outperform anything you've ever done before, that bring in returns of $5-to-1, $10-to-1, even $50-to-1. Or,


(2) you are serious about using direct-response style copywriting for a variety of products and businesses, yours or clients'.

In these 2 days, Dan took us through EVERY element that goes into a winning ad or sales letter -- in minute, exacting detail -- supported by loads of examples. He revealed EVERY trick, strategy, and method he uses. Dan has never before taught anybody all of this, step-by-step, idea by idea. I doubt seriously if he ever will again.

Here's just a small sample of what you will discover...

The simplest formula ever devised for attracting giant floods of leads from your advertising -- just 3 steps!


5  formulas that speed up copywriting -- no matter how skilled or unskilled you are, how quick or slow, how experienced or inexperienced, you’ll get great ad copy or sales letters done much, much quicker with these formulas
15 "components" to mix n’ match, in putting together direct-mail packages that involve the recipient and virtually compel response.
15 quick ‘n dirty ways to create a powerful headline, fast!
9 "E-FACTORS" (emotional triggers) ….the more you hit, the better your response…..use this little checklist every time.
 6 "secret reference tools" used by most master copywriters, easily accessible to you -- to speed the process, make getting great copy on paper much, much easier!
 4 "mind power techniques" used by top copywriters to focus their thinking, improve concentration, even let the subconscious mind write powerful copy while you sleep!
7 ways to "test copy" -- without spending a dime…..unearth its flaws and fix ‘em fast!
10 of Dan’s best methods for "presenting price"… fact, everything you need to know and consider about "price"
A checklist of "cosmetic gimmicks" to increase the "readability" of ads and letters, to pull the reader in, to keep him involved, to build "buying momentum"


13 ways to prove your case and erase all doubt, skepticism, fear and hesitation, create instant unshakeable trust, reassure the prospect so he responds without a second’s delay.


Shortcuts, shortcuts and more shortcuts: Dan shows you how to write more powerful, profit-producing copy than most top pro’s can, at twice the speed most pro’s can write!

... and much, much, more!

...We took in over $1,895,000.00 (yes, almost two million dollars!!!) on this single promotion!

"The information you gave us at your Copywriting Seminar has DRAMATICALLY INCREASED OUR SALES AND PROFITS! As you know, we've been active players in the world of Direct Response Marketing for over 10 years….And we thought we'd heard everything there was to hear.…But we were dead wrong! We left Phoenix on Friday afternoon with dozens of powerful strategies that we couldn't wait to put into our up-and-coming promotions. And, the first promotion we wrote when we got home was the single most powerful sales letter we ever produced in the history of our company! The results were phenomenal!

We took in over $1,895,000.00 (yes, almost two million dollars!!!) on this single promotion! It all came rushing in like a raging river over a 30-day period between December 5th and the first of the New Year! And we wrote this history-breaking sales letter right after we left your Seminar using your techniques!

I know in my heart that we would have NEVER achieved EVEN HALF of this response had it not been for all the awesome tips, tricks, and strategies we discovered at your Seminar!"

- Eileen and T.J. Rohleder, M.O.R.E. Inc., Goessell, Kansas

...the most valuable training I have received in copywriting.

"I can't thank you enough for all the valuable information, insights and techniques you provided at the Copywriting Clinic. It is definitely the most valuable training I have received in copywriting."


- David Garfinkel - World Class Copywriter

Here's exactly what you get...

18 Audios (in mp3) of the entire 2-day Seminar
2 Manuals (in pdf) of the actual Presentation Notes & Exhibits, plus all the sample ads used during the Seminar
6 Additional Bonus Audios (in mp3) including the Ultimate Panel Discussion, plus Dan's "How To Make $100K in 100 Days" information marketing presentation
A "Blue Ribbon Package" of checklists, tip sheets, copy idea-starters, and assorted weapons I've assembled just for this Seminar.

By being able to listen to these audios over and over again, as you drive to and from your office, fly on an airplane, run on your treadmill, or soak in your hot tub, you can "imprint" your powerful subconscious mind with all of Dan's techniques, including many known only to a very small, elite group of direct-response "master practitioners". Soon you'll find that you've "programmed" your "computer" (the one between your ears) with the same know-how that Dan has. Kind of like mind cloning.

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Component #5: Mega Success System For Speakers

How To Make $20,000.00 An Hour Without A Gun For Professional Speakers and People Seriously Interested in the Business of Speaking.

How To Build A Maximum Income Speaking Business

From my 20+ years' experience, here are the strategies I've used and use to earn more from speaking PART-TIME than most do full-time, and to stay booked solid with minimum marketing.

Dan Kennedy's non-marketing approach to attracting bookings and clients
How to maximize income per engagement and per client
How to conquer the six biggest obstacles to earning $250,000.00 a year or more as a professional speaker
Other 'profit centers': information products, self-publishing, newsletters, continuity programs, infomercials, tele-seminars, seminars, retreats, joint ventures, and many more.

Dan reveals his personal 'System' for Platform Selling; a System that often produces sales of $100.00+ per person in small groups; $15 to $20 per head in large events. Recently, I've done as much as $67,000.00 in sales from the platform in one hour.

You get...

6 Audios (in mp3)
6 Sets of Notes in a large 400+ page Manual (in pdf)

"The "Mega System For Speakers" would be a bargain at twice the price. It is an absolute must for people who are serious about the business side of speaking."

-Ken McCarthy, Marketing Solutions, San Francisco, CA

"The Mega System is excellent. It was like a breath of fresh air to hear you expose the nonsense about career speaking."

-Judith Zabalaoui, CFP, Metaire, LA

"I've been speaking for profit for a number of years. Two things hit me right away (about your Mega System For Speakers): first, how much easier and more profitable my speaking business could have been if I would have had Dan's information to begin with. Second, how putting just a few of these proven techniques into action will substantially increase my bottom line this year - and for many years to come."

-Bob Serling, Stratford Marketing Group, Studio City, CA

Component #6: Home Study Consulting Business

Advise and Profit! - How To Create Exceptional Income As A Consultant

The Kennedy/Eldridge Ultimate Home Study Action Course For THE CONSULTING BUSINESS How To Achieve Maximum Income From Consulting & Freelancing

This giant Course includes TWELVE Audios in mp3 covering every imaginable question and answer, how-to strategy and opportunity in the consulting field, accompanied by a 10-Section Manual with over 200 pages (in pdf).

The featured Contents include:

Shortcuts To Successful Start-Up - An Insider's Look At The Consulting Profession - How To Attract Clients - How To Set Fees, Structure Deals, And Earn No Less Than $100,000 As A Consultant  

7 reasons why the demand for consulting services is booming - How to get in sync with these forces
How to earn enormous incomes via results-based compensation, contingencies and royalties; how to eliminate the limitations of billable hours
The 5 best ways to decide on your area(s) of specialization
How to quickly become a Bona Fide EXPERT in your chosen field
The key characteristics shared by successful consultants based on industry surveys: consultants' incomes have increased by 20% per year for the past 5 years...How you can enjoy that kind of a "raise" every year in YOUR consulting business
The AVERAGE hourly rate charged by consultants now exceeds $100.00 AN HOUR - and that's why a good consultant armed with this course can make more money part-time than many doctors, lawyers or other professionals make working "Overtime"!
How can you do well financially, right from the start?
How to avoid giving away your time & advice for free
8 different fee-setting strategies and compensation options
9 tools in the Consultant's Marketing Tool Kit
Techniques for selling to committees
How to earn $500.00 To $5,000.00 per day & be treated like a celebrity as a paid professional speaker (Even if your knees shake and your teeth chatter now at the thought of speaking to a group!)
How to create streams of "Passive Income"
How to build a "Referral Practice" in 3 years or less!

Component #7: How To Write Million Dollar Ads,
Sales Letters & Web Marketing Pieces

Stop Risking Your Valuable Time, Effort, And Money On Ineffective Marketing - Put 23 Leading Experts On Your Team And Watch Your Sales Soar

This course is unlike anything you've ever seen. Because it features 23 of the most sought-after copywriting and marketing experts in the country to show you, step-by-step exactly how they created some of their most successful marketing pieces.

Each of these experts, gives you a blow-by-blow account of precisely how they conceive and create winning ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces.

They leave no stone unturned, and literally spill every inside secret you could ever want for packing more selling power into every ad, sales letter and web marketing piece you create.

Section 1: How To Write Million Dollar Sales Copy

This special 65-page section will give you a foundation for everything else that follows in the Course.

Section 2: The Headline Clinic

Powerful headlines are crucial to the success of any marketing piece. In this section, Bob Bly, T. Harv Eker, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Ted Nicholas, Brad Petersen, Joe Vitale, and Brian Voiles will show you everything you need to create the kind of headlines that get optimum results.

Section 3: 20 Leading Experts Take You On A Step-By-Step Tour Of Some Of Their Most Profitable Promotions

Experts like Karen Anderson, Don Bice, Bob Bly, Larry Chase, Marty Chenard, Declan Dunn, T. Harv Eker, Randy Gage, Gary Halbert, Dr. Paul Hartunian, Don Hauptman, Dan Kennedy, Dr. Audri Lanford, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, Ted Nicholas, Mike Pavlish, Brad Petersen, Russ Phelps, Murray Raphel, Bob Serling, Joe Vitale, Brian Voiles, and Pamela Yellen.

This section is packed with powerful examples of ads, sales letters, and web marketing pieces that have sold millions of dollars worth of products and services. Each piece has proven itself many times over in the marketplace. There is no textbook theory, no wishful thinking, no fluff or filler. It's all hard-hitting, proven strategies and copy you can start using today to create your own winning sales pieces.

You get a massive manual, 462 pages (in pdf), plus 3 extra audios with Dr. Audri Lanford, Declan Dunn, and Joe Vitale.

Plus A Special Interview With Marketing Legend Ted Nicholas

This is a 21-page report called, "Ted Nicholas: Self-Publishing And Copywriting Secrets". In this unique report, Ted shares the secrets he's used to create the copy that sold 200 million dollars worth of his books.

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Component #8: Customer Appreciation Seminar

Get This Full-Day Seminar Presented By Dan Kennedy Delivered To Your Living Room

Dan Kennedy presented a full-day "Customer Appreciation Seminar" in Phoenix, attended by over 220 of his Inner Circle Members (me included), who traveled from as far away as Australia to be there - the seminar was free, as a gift from Dan to his Members. But its value was so evident people came thousands of miles to be there.

Now I have to tell you, this was a VERY unusual seminar.

Here is what Dan said, in his original letter, inviting his Members to the Seminar:

"This day might be the single most important day of your life, because I'm going to share with you my philosophy, my personal success principles, my entrepreneurial, deal-making, moneymaking and marketing strategies . . . . .

EVERYTHING that has enabled me to be successfully self-employed for 25 years, to rise to the very top of not one but two professions, to create huge incomes and personal wealth."

- Dan Kennedy

Here Are A Few Of The Ways This Seminar Can Supercharge Your Skills, Skyrocket Your Income And Secure Your Financial Freedom

You'll be taken "inside" my personal modus operandi
You'll "travel" from A- to -Z with me, through my experiences, as no other audience has done before or will do in the future. Get the synthesis of 25 years of "expensive experience" and use it as your personal shortcut to your goals.
You will receive a "kit" of TEN WEALTH-BUILDING TOOLS to take home and use. This Tool Kit is a FREE GIFT.
You will be shown actual examples and case histories of my most prized strategies at work.
You will even hear from a number of my "students" about how they are using my methods in their businesses.

You'll get 6 audio mp3's and notes. 

Component #9: Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Audios

What would you pay to sneak into the closed door meeting and eavesdrop on the free-wheeling, no holds barred discussions of arguably the most elite and extraordinary cabal of marketing and moneymaking “attack dogs” ever assembled in one place, at one time????

The 15 people in Dan's Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Group are the Navy SEALS of marketing.  They are fast-acting, ruthless, aggressive “commandos” when it comes to making gobs and gobs and gobs of money.

Just to be in this group, each member pays $7,200.00 for the year.  Plus the costs of traveling to four meetings that take place in private, behind closed, locked doors.  They sign a strict confidentiality pledge to each other, so they can share their most prized and profitable discoveries. 

Some of these 15 do consulting -- and, on average, it costs $500.00 to $1,000.00 an hour to buy their time and advice, and you probably have to get in line.  Others NEVER reveal their methods and business secrets, for any price.  Some teach other subjects, but keep the marketing strategies they use personally “close to the vest.”

Now, here is what Dan persuaded everybody to do: take one extra day, get in a room together, turn on the audio recorder, and have a wide-open, can-you-top-this round-and-round-and-round-the-table discussion of their very best marketing and moneymaking ideas just about anybody can use to rev up their business and income.

Some Of The Amazing How-To Secrets & Strategies
Revealed In These Unique Audios...

How to easily command prices significantly higher than your competitors: one word that will change what you sell and how you sell it
A simple technique to obtain more referrals from customers: how to put “timing” on your side
Exactly what one Member says to his customers to create a steady stream of new referrals (a script you can use from Bill Glazer)*
How to increase the average size of each customer’s purchase AND the frequency of repeat purchases......increase sales and profits without getting more new customers
How to create “continuity income” in virtually ANY business
“THE discovery that finally took our company over the 5-million dollar sales mark” - T.J. Rohleder
Dr. Bob Willis’ example of a simple one-page letter anyone can use to tap into a whole new source of new customers (Word for word, for you to use)*
DOUBLE YOUR RESPONSE:  Bill Glazer’s tested and proven “best” strategy
“How I Increased Response By 92% - With A Dirt-Cheap Addition To My Marketing”....a tool you can use!*
A “different” way to use testimonials (John Rubio)*

Component #10: Dan Kennedy's Power Points

"How would you like to have me - Dan Kennedy - sitting in your office, waiting, "on call", to leap to attention and give you my very best advice, answer, or strategy any minute you need it, day or night?"

A Power Point is something so important, so critical, so pivotal that it alone can make or break the project, the marketing piece, the ad, the letter, the phone call, the presentation, the entrepreneurial plan of action.

A Power Point is something so useful, influential and effective it can resolve even a seemingly enormous problem, can break through paralysis of analysis, provide light in darkness to show you the best way out.

A Power Point is THE factor, the idea, the principle, the truth that makes THE difference between success and failure.

In these POWER POINTS Manuals, you get Dan Kennedy's 979 of these Power Points, divided into 3 main categories:

1. Advertising, Marketing & Sales
2. Personal Achievement & Productivity
3. Entrepreneurship & Business Success

This is a detailed, cross-cross-cross referenced, highly organized, easy to use Index, so you can get from question or topic to answers fast. Every Power Point is numbered, every page is numbered, and both sets of numbers are used in the Index.

You can go to the Index and instantly find all my Power Points for:
Sales letters
Order Forms
Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns
Promotional Books
Lead Generation
Using Mailing Lists
Recorded Messages
Preparing For An Important Negotiation
Increasing A Business Cash Flow
Cheap, Do It Yourself Market Research
Adding Sizzle To A Speech
Etc., etc., ....
"I have been using your materials and advice for two years, as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for a mortgage company. I am directing a direct-mail campaign that sends over 75,000 pieces a month to homeowners all over the United States. Our direct-mail program has resulted in a 300% to 400% increase in sales and profit."

-Doug Hinton, Seacoast Equities Inc., La Mesa, CA

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Component #11: Copywriting Clinic

How To Literally WRITE Any Size Paycheck You Like, As Often As You Like...

When you master the art-and-science of writing powerful direct-response copy for sales letters, postcards, brochures, catalogs, and ads, you can literally write any size paycheck you wish. Being able to create "salesmanship in print" that works multiplies you 100, 1,000, 10,000 times over. It is one of the highest-paid activities that I know of.

At this Workshop, I covered 97 specific tricks-of-the-trade. You can count 'em as you listen to these tapes. And they're listed in the Outline Notes. Each one is hard-learned, valuable, powerful and important. What's each one worth? Ten bucks? That'd make this a $1,000.00 program. $50? That'd put this program's price at $5,000.00. As you can see, $155 is pretty darned cheap. I'll probably regret being this generous. But I do love to show off!

I Know 97 Specific "Tricks" to Creating Copy That Reach Out and Suck Money Right Out of Peoples' Wallets Like An Out-Of-Control Vacuum Cleaner Monster - How Many of My Tricks Would You Like to Know?

You get 5 audio mp3's and notes.  

Component #12: Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference

This is one of Dan's classic Super Conferences that were live-recorded, uncensored audios totally and solely and unabashedly and unapologetically devoted to one thing and one thing only: Making as much money as is humanly possible, as quickly as possible, as easily as possible via super-savvy marketing in your business, in any business.

These were recorded at Dan Kennedy Super Conference, the 8th such event, attended by a dentist, a chiropractor, an auto glass shop owner, a carpet cleaner, the CEO of an INC. 500 “fastest growing company”, the President of a multi-million dollar software company, an executive recruiter, publishers, the #1 real estate agent in the entire Remax system, marketers of “information products” to dozens of niches, speakers, authors........entrepreneurs from small towns and our biggest cities, from new start-ups and giant companies, from as close by as down the street from my office to as far away as Sydney.  Each paying $2,487.00 to get in. 

You'll hear Dan reveal THE biggest “killer mistake” made by virtually every businessperson in marketing himself, his business, products and services -- correcting this single error alone might literally make you rich. This discussion alone is worth the price of admission.

In fact, if you’d like to know what separates people like me, Jeff Paul, Joe Polish, and others who make huge money via marketing from the masses who never make it happen, this is that answer.

Also Dan takes you through all the steps and elements of assembling a compelling, magnetic “offer.”  You see, it’s the “offer” that is the difference between ordinary advertising and powerful direct-response advertising, between run-of-the-mill presentations and selling in a way no one can say no to you.  If you’d like a single “trick” to immediately and dramatically improve the results from any ad, letter, flyer, coupon, mailing, phone script or even person-to-person selling, this is it -- learn to use EVERY available means of strengthening the irresistibility of your offer.

Also Dan reveals the strategies for overcoming skepticism, cynicism, fear, doubt, hesitancy and procrastination, so you can get more people to more quickly trust you and buy from you. What I say to you here about providing prospects with “shortcuts to decision-making” can make you such a powerful, irresistible persuader you’ll be considered dangerous.

You will also hear from successful “alumni” and clients in Panel Discussions and Q/A Sessions.  People like Joe Polish of Piranha Marketing -- who has helped over 5,000 people in his industry dramatically increase their incomes.  Jeff Paul, the internationally famous “$4,000.00-a-day-sitting-at-home-in-your-underwear” direct marketing guru -- “as seen on TV!”  Pamela Yellen, known throughout the insurance and financial services fields as the most innovative marketing expert of all.  These are people I work with personally.  Together, we make millions of dollars and help hundreds of private clients turn ordinary businesses into moneymaking machines, ideas into fortunes, simple sales letters into floods of cash arriving in mailboxes

You'll get 6 audio mp3's and all the notes from the Conference.

Component #13: Midas Touch Library

In these audios, you'll get 3 sets of of 4 Audios in each on Marketing, Direct Marketing and Sales strategies by Dan Kennedy.

Midas Touch Marketing: Dan summarize the information originally featured in Dan Kennedy's full-day seminars on successful marketing strategies for any business. Entrepreneur Magazine said that Dan "has at least 101 moneymaking strategies for any business."

Midas Touch Direct Marketing: Dan present the key concepts, principles and strategies that Dan moves from the world of 'direct marketing' to supercharge any business or sales career

Midas Touch Selling: 19 Secrets of Exceptional Results Selling. Dan's very different approach pre-empts objections, eliminates price resistance, creates consultative positioning, utilizes 'Takeaway Selling' more.

You get 12 audio mp3's

Component #14: The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur

How To Make Enormous Amounts Of Money Packaging & Marketing Information

This huge 589-page Manual covers EVERY imaginable way you can make enormous amounts of money, by packaging and marketing information.

This maybe the UGLIEST BOOK EVER PUBLISHED and it's a BRAIN DUMP of Dan's knowledge on Information Marketing.

One day, Dan Kennedy dumped ALL his file cabinet drawers out on the floor, there were piles of information including countless little 'tidbits', examples of unusual strategies, little-known sources, stuff I pretty much kept to myself. Anybody trying to market "information" in any form would kill for all this - or spend nearly 20 years accumulating, saving, sorting like I did. So, the first edition of this book was born.

Dan took the piles on the floor, sorted 'em by topic, photocopied a ton of stuff, wrote explanations to go with it, and spiral-bound it all together into a rather ugly, lumpy, very unpretentious, fat book.

A partial list of topics included....

HOW TO PRODUCE YOUR "INFORMATION PRODUCTS"....12 Steps to an audio product....18 Steps to a video product.... How to save 25% to 75% from most video production quotes!.... How to create and sell a "Moneymaking Business Opportunity".... The 39 best kinds of 'Information Products'....
UNDERSTANDING AND PROFITING FROM "THE MONEY ISSUES".... How to replace up-front costs with royalties and: how to convert vendors to at-risk partners....
PREPARING MARKETING MATERIALS FOR YOUR "INFORMATION PRODUCTS" ....Everything you need to know about what works and what does not (based on 5-Million-$ research and experience)....
HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT MAILING LISTS TO PROFITABLY SELL YOUR "INFORMATION PRODUCTS" VIA DIRECT-MAIL....  How not to get ripped off (Most beginners do!).... Where to learn about and 'comparison shop' thousands of good lists....
MARKETING STRATEGIES OF SPECIAL IMPORTANCE WITH "INFORMATION PRODUCTS".... How to use Guarantees to boost response.... "The Charles Atlas Method" can double your profits...."
HOW TO REALLY GET "FREE" ADVERTISING FOR YOUR "INFORMATION PRODUCTS".... How to get on lots and lots of Radio Talk Shows.... be interviewed over the phone, long distance.... give out your 800#.... sell your products!
UNUSUAL WAYS TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR "INFORMATION PRODUCTS".... How to sell by mail to Libraries.... How to sell by mail to the Military....


HOW TO MAKE A LOT OF MONEY, BUILD WEALTH AND NET WORTH AND SELL "INFORMATION PRODUCTS" VIA THE NEWSLETTER BUSINESS....Why the Newsletter Business may be the best business in the world.... Advice directly from the most successful newsletter entrepreneurs in America....
HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING "INFORMATION PRODUCTS" VIA MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING AND/OR HOW TO SELL A MULTI-LEVEL OPPORTUNITY BY MAIL.... Facts & Myths.... all about MLM/Network marketing.... What you must know about "the legal issues....
HOW TO MAKE LOTS OF MONEY FROM THE MAILING LIST(S) YOU DEVELOP BY SELLING "INFORMATION PRODUCTS".... 3 ways to make BIG MONEY, even from "small" lists.... Who will pay you 50 cents per name?....



"I've used a lot of your ideas, with the latest success wrinkle being 'your choice'…I created three levels of packages…I've had a near 75% up-sell from $2.95 to $50.00 on my recorded message!"

-Mark Smith, Expert In Trade Show Selling,
Colorado Springs, CO

"I am one-third of the way through The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur and almost done with the Conference Tapes - both have been terrific! The information is very valuable and has re-stimulated my thinking about how to promote my business and products."

-Steve Miller, The Adventure Of Trade Shows,
Federal Way, WA

"Dan Kennedy is a lean, mean information selling machine. His amazing business blueprint, The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur, gives you more useful, wallet-fattening secrets than 10 other books. Reading it is like getting a master's degree in how to profit from today's information age economy. Just one idea I took from one page out of Dan's Manual paid me back over $10,000.00 almost instantly. I simply can't recommend this highly enough. It's worth ten times the price."

-Mark Nolan, Financial Freedom Association of America,
Citrus Heights, CA

"I don't think I would have bought your book (The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur) if it wasn't for your almost hypnotizing copy. If I hadn't, it would have been my loss. It's worth a lot more than it's price. And Dan, if you can produce something like that, you are worth whatever you charge."

-Alan Shawn Feinstein, The Feinstein Foundation,
Cranston, RI

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BUT That's Not All, I'm Going To Include Some REAL Business Boosting PREMIUM Bonuses...

Premium Bonus #1: The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur - w/Dan Kennedy & Corey Rudl

"Be a fly on the wall as the two 'GREAT LEGENDS' of Internet and direct marketing -- Corey Rudl and Dan Kennedy -- discuss how you can make Millions of Dollars using the Internet teamed up with direct mail, radio, TV, classified ads, Yellow Page ads, infomercials, and MORE!

PLUS -- Dan and Corey reveal how to start OR expand your first business... and then GROW with the right balance of advertising to generate MAXIMUM WEALTH, with minimal risk!"

This was legendary internet marketer Corey Rudl's LAST interview before his unfortunate fatal car accident.

You'll get 3 audio mp3's with over 2.5 hours of unedited conversation between Dan and Corey. Plus an extra audio with Dan, Corey and Bill Glazer.

You'll hear Corey talk about how he grew his businesses from $25 to over $40 MILLION in online sales ...

... And he spoke about how he taught 1,000's of 'real' people to make MASSIVE incomes of $100,000 to $2.5 MILLION per year -- often working less than 10 hours per week!

And you'll hear Dan talk about how he's made hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars for his clients...

... Including companies like Weight Watchers, Amway, Mass Mututal Insurance, and the $200-million-per year Gunthy-Renker Corporation -- famous for its celebrity infomercials with Victoria Principal, Vanna White, and Tony Robbins!

Here's just a tiny bit of what you'll discover in this rare gem...


The Four-Stage Cycle that occurs every time a new marketing technology is invented -- and how you can make MILLIONS at every stage -- not just as a lucky "early adopter!"


Can YOU afford to advertise on TV? -- MAYBE! Calculate what you can afford to spend on advertising -- in EVERY medium, including direct mail, radio, classifieds, TV, and infomercials -- using Dan's dollar-cost averaging formula.
How RICH marketers think differently than POOR marketers! Get insight into the genius minds of Corey, Dan, and their millionaire clients -- and learn exactly how they "think" their way to wealth!
Learn how to spot "Market Gaps" -- hidden pockets of unfilled need, where you can swoop in and scoop up 1,000's of eager buyers for instant profits!
The NEW generation of "tear sheet" mailings that one of Dan's clients -- an Internet business owner -- recently used to make $20 for every $1 spent on his direct mail campaign!
How to get permission from first-time buyers to BILL THEM AGAIN, over and over, for more of the same product or service, for years to come!
What 99% of Yellow Pages Ads are doing WRONG -- and how to fix it! (HINT: You do NOT need to buy a bigger ad, or spend MORE money on color and artwork!)
Amazing TRUE story: Two guys sold almost IDENTICAL products, with the SAME offer, to the SAME audience -- yet one guy made $2 Million MORE... all thanks to just one simple strategy!
The 2 blockbuster marketing ideas that Corey got from Dan, which made him over $100,000 in profits (that's cash in hand!) -- in less than 24 months!

... and that's just for starters. There's a WHOLE LOT MORE there.

You get 4 audio mp3's:

Audio 1 mp3 - The critical difference between RICH and POOR marketers... plus how to start ANY business and guarantee you'll make money! Learn how Corey and Dan would start over again rebuilding their fortunes.

Audio 2 mp3 - The  $10,000-a-month Matchbook Campaign - Dan and Corey give you extremely detailed, step-by-step examples of how you can use "integrated marketing" to grow your business.

Audio 3 mp3 - Advanced Secrets never before shared outside of Corey and Dan's 'inner circle' of friends... discover wildly profitable strategies for making MORE money with the SAME customers!

Audio 4 mp3 - The Fastest and Easiest Way To Explode Your Income By Taking Your Offline Business onto the Internet - EVEN WITHOUT A WEBSITE - with Dan Kennedy, Corey Rudl, and Bill Glazer.

Dan and his associate, Bill Glazer, invited Corey to be the featured speaker on a limited-attendance tele-conference they hosted for just 200 members of their exclusive GOLD+ Mastermind Team.

Each attendee paid over $239.97 to hear this call -- and attendance was strictly limited... YOU GET THIS AUDIO FOR FREE!

The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur Guide - a 65 page guide in PDF of original articles and lessons by Dan Kennedy. "The Secret to Dramatically Increasing Your Internet Income -- With High-Profit OFFLINE Direct Marketing Strategies!"

Cheat Notes & Read Along Sudy Guide - in a PDF format, includes a complete  transcript -- plus detailed notes of critical points!

Premium Bonus #2: Power Copywriting For The Internet -- A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Million-Dollar Advertising Copy

If You'd Like To Pull In More Sales And More Profits With Every Web Marketing Piece You Create, Check Out This Powerful Promise From Bob Serling, The Leading Expert On High-Profit, Low-Cost Marketing...

Now you can increase your profits as much as 917% with a simple, proven formula for creating much more effective web copy.

"Your concepts immediately shot our profit straight through the roof. I increased my profit on one project by a very real 917%!"

Phil Kratzer, CEO
National Response Corporation

"One simple strategy alone -- that took me all of five minutes to apply -- increased my day-to-day profits by a hefty 38%. Other strategies have kept my business in a continuing growth cycle, to the point where my profits have more than doubled."

Derek D'Angiolini, President
Ashland Equities, Inc.

"Bob Serling made copy changes for our catalog. The results were phenomenal. When you consider how much money Bob actually made for us, his services are one of the best bargains I've ever come across."

Ray Melissa, President
Mailer's Software

"Our sales letter went to prospects who have never even heard of us. So far we have a 3% response. Plus, we don't have all of the responses in yet because of a holiday. Not only is that higher than anything we've ever done, it's really something when you consider we're selling a very high-ticket item."

John Ballantyne, Marketing Director
Rushton International Engineering

"Our most successful package, which we still use, contains a sales letter that Bob wrote nine years ago! It's helped us make Book Marketing Update, the number one newsletter for book publishers and publicists. A lot of copywriters can make a strong logical sales argument, but Bob also has a real knack for presenting things in an exceptionally emotional and persuasive way which makes a HUGE difference in your response rate."

Bill Harrison, Publisher
Book Marketing Update
Bradley Communications Corp

"I have been successfully direct marketing products for 5 years now, and I've seen just about every course on the subject and have studied just about every good direct marketer out there. One of the very best copywriters I know is Bob Serling. He does the most difficult task of all which is writing credibly about your product, while at the same time creating such fervent desire in the prospect that they pick up and order immediately! To get a complete stranger (who didn't know anything about your product) to go from indifferent to frothing over with desire in the span of 2-3 pages, is a rare and amazing skill indeed. Bob Serling has this rare talent."

Ben Cummings
Cummings Marketing Group

"Your copy increased our gross sales by 714% for this product line almost overnight. Then I put the sales letter up on our web site and it's bringing in 6-figures annually with almost no effort on our part whatsoever."

Pamela Yellen, CEO
Prospecting & Marketing Institute, Inc.

Bob Serling is one of the most sought after copywriters in the world, a master marketer and a business consultant with over 30 years of experience.

In this course you'll get Bob's web copy "power formula" that includes...
31-Step Internet Copywriting Power Formula - You'll have a distinct advantage you can use to capture a larger share of your market -- and leave your competitors in the dust!
The real differences between online copy and offline copy
Immediately kick your sales copy up another notch by understanding the one crucial component for producing riveting copy that nearly writes itself. 
"Power Pre-Requisites" -- what you must have in place before you ever write a word of copy.  Getting your prospects to respond is nearly a done deal when you have these components in place. 


How to create headlines that compel almost any reasonable prospect to stop and read your marketing piece.  Headlines are one of the most important components of any marketing piece.  Years of testing have proven that a single headline change can increase your results by as much as 400%.


The inside secret of Pre-emptive Strike Credibility.   More sales are lost within the first page or two of copy than you could possibly imagine. Find out how to use Pre-emptive Strike Credibility to turn this situation around entirely, get prospects to treat you like a trusted advisor, and increase your sales in record time.
Gain another crucial advantage by understanding "Power Words" and "Deadly Words."  Some words are absolutely golden.  Others can instantly flush all your time, effort, and money down the drain.

And much, much more.

Bob reveals every last strategy and technique he's used to sell literally millions of dollars worth of products and services on the Internet.  No holds barred.

Let me put it this way.  Regardless of whether you're a complete beginner who has never written a single word of copy or a seasoned pro who writes copy for a living, this intensive training will turn you into a master of maximum sales, maximum profit Internet copy.

You get the step by step guide in PDF, plus 5 audio interviews in mp3 with Bob Serling and Joe Vitale, Declan Dunn, Marlon Sanders, Corey Rudl, and Dr. Audri Lanford.

Click Here To Grab This Huge Marketing Package...

Premium Bonus #3: New Business Power Marketing

Here's How To Get All The Leads You'll Ever Need For Your Business And I Mean Hot, Qualified Leads That Will Blow The Lid Off Your Sales And Profits!

This is another jam packed guide from expert marketer and copywriter Bob Serling.

In this Power Marketing guide you'll discover unique strategies to generate MORE LEADS for your business (ANY type of business). With lots of swipe ideas and  and proven formats you can copy into your own marketing campaigns.

Premium Bonus #4: Information Marketing Bootcamp

"5 Millionaires Were Trapped For 3 Days In A Crowded Room In Atlanta..."

"...To Show You How To Make $100,000...$500,000...$1 Million a Year Selling Information Products..."

You can create for pennies and sell for dollars!

We Professionally Recorded Every Single Word And Now You Can Own
The Complete 16 CD Home Study Course In MP3 Digital Audio Format!

Discover how to become an super info-marketer by learning from world's leading information marketing guru's:

Rober Allen - Yes, it's the Robert Allen you know. Another real estate guru turned info-preneur. Bob wrote the book Nothing Down followed with Creating Wealth, The One Minute Millionaire and others... All 3 are on the best seller list for years and still available in bookstores everywhere. One of them is Multiple Streams Of Income and that's what he'll be teaching.

But Bob will be the first to tell you even though real estate is his first love, it was information marketing that made him a multimillionaire. I'm not only proud to have shared the podium with Bob but I'm extremely happy I could convince him to share what he knows with you. This is a rare opportunity to listen to one of the greatest marketing brains alive.

Dan Kennedy - needs no introduction, Dan will cover lots of tips and golden nuggets you need to succeed as an information marketer.

Ron LeGrand - The host of this seminar and a real estate guru. His company sells hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products each month in the form of print, audio, video, CD, and live seminars. It's all information marketing. 

He started with a $10 product and built a multimillion-dollar public company by doing the exact same thing I taught you at the boot camp and I had no money, no credit, no rich relative, and no previous experience.

Ken McCarthy - one of the most respected internet marketers and a pioneer in this field.

Don Campbell - from Vancouver, Canada, laid out the simplest and easiest way to follow a multiple step campaign I've ever heard.  You see, the key is in the follow-up, not the first contact with a prospect.  Don will show you real live examples of how a $4000 investment turned into a $65,000 windfall in 2 weeks and how he repeats this process several times a year.

You'll get 16 audios in mp3 format of the ENTIRE 3 day seminar. Plus the manual (in PDF) that was used in the room as well as a section on starting your own information marketing business online.

"...what I've learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $501,629 ..."

"I came because what I've learned from Ron LeGrand has already earned me over $ 501,629 in the last several years, I came to double that this year, and I'm sure it will happen."

Ted Ciuba, for Parthenon Marketing Inc
America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant
Host of the
How To Get Rich On The Internet™ BootCamp

Premium Bonus #5: Direct Mail Bootcamp

"Discover The Hardcore & Uncensored, Top-Secret, Most Intense, Master Mind Sessions of Arguably The Most Elite And Ultra-Successful Marketers of All Times"

This bootcamp is a classic and is truly one of a kind. Although it was held in the early 90's, the principles of using direct response combined with direct mail, plus the copywriting aspects that were covered still hold true today.

You'll hear from...

Gary Halbert - Whose clients eagerly pay him $15,000 an hour for his marketing advice!

Ted Nicholas - Known as the most successful Magazine Advertiser in the Country!

John Carlton - One of the best copywriters alive today, known for getting results!

John Eger - Co-owner of National Response Corporation; places 4,000 ads a week!

David Deutsch - Ex-Madison Avenue Copywriter, now highly in-demand freelancer!

Carl Galletti - Direct Mail Catalog Expert!

Lisa Morrice - President of On Target Communications, specializing in direct response!

Phil Kratzer - A brilliant marketing strategist, involved in two-step marketing, 900 numbers!

Karen Anderson - List broker specializing in joint ventures and endorsed mailings!

Bond Halbert - Another Halbert (Gary’s son) with the gift of marketing brilliance!

Guerilla "Bill" & Karen Myers - Known for their low budget projects that net high returns!

This amazingly talented group of people, all of whom make a living in some aspect of the direct mail business, came together for the first time ever for a single purpose . . .

To teach Direct Mail Bootcamp Participants everything they knew about creating successful direct mail projects ! ! !

And instead of just giving speeches, they spent four days demonstrating how to create successful projects in a logical, step-by-step process. Starting at the beginning with the very basics and sequentially working through each step in the entire process. Everything was covered, but just to be sure everybody got it, the experts actually . . .

Came Up With A Direct Mail Project And Developed It From Beginning To End Right There In The Bootcamp!

A complete project. From start to finish. From coming up with the idea, to defining the market, to creating the product, to developing the offer, to getting it all down on paper, even to mailing and taking orders. They did it all.

And in the process, they revealed the "recipe", the "template" for success in direct mail. And until you see for yourself, you’ll never believe how easy it can be for you to make good money in this business (as long as you follow the proven formula).

You get 24 audio mp3's of the ENTIRE BOOTCAMP.

Premium Bonus #6: Insider's Guide To Direct Mail Profits

This 140 page direct mail workbook gives you the complete recipe to success in direct mail.

It’s full of vital information and has numerous checklists that will help you insure your project is a success. You’ll love the way it’s laid out. It’s easy to follow, and you’ll use it every time you start planning a direct mail project.

Premium Bonus #7: 301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets

Here's The Quickest & Easiest Way To Get a Lifetime of Direct Mail Test Results Without Any of the Hassles or Expense!

This book is a creative goldmine for anyone preparing a direct mail project or offer. The tips, techniques, and secrets shown within can help make your next project a real winner!

Bill Myers has helped thousands of direct marketers and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and goals. He can help you, too!

"301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets" is the hottest, most useable book on direct mail marketing you'll ever lay your hands on... the tips and techniques you learn are all proven through actual use.

It's written in a quick, concise format, and it's handy six inch by nine inch size is perfect when you're putting a project together.

"...This book is a steal."

"I devoured this book' As I read I made notes, marked it up, and learned more profit- boosting mail order information than I had learned from 14 different newsletters on the subject over the past year... and I paid over $1,500 to subscribe to them!... this book is a STEAL!"


-- Brian Keith Voiles, President Brian Keith Publishing, Inc

Premium Bonus #8: The Unfair Advantage Letter Book

The Ultimate Collection Of Winning ... Ads & Sales Letters - Providing Your Business with an Unfair Advantage!

A reference library of READY-TO-USE Pre-Written direct mail letters, customer letters, ads, display ads, press releases, classified & direct mail offers, even TV commercial scripts.

Proven winners, developed & tested successful for ... businesses just like yours.

No matter what kind of business you run, you can get the unfair advantage of having a carefully selected reference library of ready-to-use pre-written direct mail letters, ads, press releases, and other materials you can use to make your business stand above the crowd... instantly!

The Unfair Advantage Letter Book is filled with the kind of customer letters, classified and display ads, press releases, direct mail offers, even TV commercial scripts you are looking for. And all were developed and tested to be successful for businesses like yours. All are proven winners!

Having this remarkable resource is like owning the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. Anytime you need a direct mail letter, an ad, a rate sheet, or even day-to-day correspondence, you can look in your copy of The Unfair Advantage Letter Book and find what you need. It’s like having an expert there in your office with you to help get the job done!

You don’t spend time reinventing the wheel. And that’s your unfair advantage.

Additional Premium Bonuses: Collection of Copywriting & Advertising Books & Special Reports

I've decided to include a library of copywriting & advertising how to's INCLUDING ...

-  Swipe Files of Ads

-  Fill in the blank Headlines

-  Proven Copy Templates

-  PS's

-  Bullet Points

And much more!

Here's what's included in these ADDITIONAL bonuses:

"Secrets To Creating Killer Net Ads" by Bob Silber - The Ultimate Marketing Techniques You Won't Find Anywhere Else!  Writing Words That Scream "Buy Me"!
"Classified Magic" by Robert Boduch - The Little Known Secrets Of Classified Ads That Produce Real Cash Profits Every Day
"Great Headlines" by Robert Boduch - How To Attract More Interested, Enthusiastic Prospects... More Customers... And More Cash Profits From Every Ad, Sales Letter, Web Page, Or Any Other Marketing Piece You Ever Use!
"7 Quick & Easy Headline Formulas" by Robert Boduch - Your INSTANT Reference Guide To Creating Dynamite, Attention-Getting Headlines!
"101 Instant Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business"









Winning Website Sales Letter Collection by Robert Boduch:

-  66 Powerful Copywriting Strategies For Maximum Results!

-  107 Key Tips  For Creating Your Own Website Sales Letters!

-  Great Advertising Quotations - A Colletion Of Thoughts On The Business Of Attracting Customers!

-  The Instant Website Sales Letters Tune-Up Kit: 7 Simple Steps To Boosting Your Sales Conversion Rate Overnight!

-  How To Up Your Profit In A Down Economy:114 Tips, Techniques, and Tactics To Kick-Start Your Cash Flow, Boost Your Business, and Pile Up Profits - When Other Businesses Are Just Struggling To Survive!

-  Winning Website Sales Letters - How To Create An Opening That Pulls Prospects In... A Message That Sells Them... And An Offer They Simply Can't Refuse!

78 Free and Low Cost Ways To Add At Least $17,000 or 27%  To Your Business Profits In The Next 90 Days Or Less - by Peter Sun
Killer Ad Boot Camp by Terry Dean - 12 Step Advertising Creation System Which Practically Forces People To Line Up And Beg You To Take Their Money!
The Ultimate Collection Of Ads & Sales Letters For Getting Rich In Mail Order and On The Internet!
The Ultimate Sample Headline Collection - Over 600 Published Headlines Inside
The Ultimate Fill In The Blanks Headline Swipe File - 342 Winning Headlines You Can Copy & Steal To Advertise ANY Business

That's $1,833 (what you'd pay to buy them all separately) In FREE Bonuses That You Get!

By Now, I'll Bet You Are "Worrying"
About The Price ...

Most people guess we're into the $2,000 + price range. And actually buying all these programs separately would cost a heck of a lot more than that.

$7,367 to be exact is what you'd pay for all the programs separately without the bonuses...

Fortunately you won't have to. EXCLUSIVELY on this site you can get EVERYTHING with the bonuses, that's a very real $9,447 worth of marketing gold for literally a FRACTION of that....

Summary Of Everything That's Included:

What You Get...


REAL Cost If Bought Separately Standard
Magnetic Marketing Toolkit (6 audio mp3's and toolkit with swipe files in pdf) $399
Magnetic Marketing Chiroproctor/Dentist Supplement (manual in pdf) $199
Magnetic Marketing MLM/Network Marketing Supplement (manual in pdf) $49
Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box (24 audio mp3's, 2 manuals w/swipe files, checklists in pdf) $497
Mega Success System For Speakers (6 audio mp3's and manual in pdf) $497
The Ultimate Consulting Home Study Course (12 audio mp3's and manual in pdf) $597
How To Write Million Dollar Ads, Sales Letters & Web Marketing Pieces (manual in pdf and 5 audio mp3's) $177
Customer Appreciation "Brass Balls" Seminar (6 audio mp3's and notes in pdf) $199
Platinum Inner Circle Mastermind Audios (6 audio mp3's) $159
Dan Kennedy's Power Points (3 manuals in pdf and 1 audio mp3) $399
Copywriting Clinic (5 audio mp3's and notes in pdf) $129
Marketing, Direct Marketing & Success Conference (6 audio mp3's and notes in pdf) $199
Midas Touch Library (12 audio mp3's) $139
The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur (huge manual w/swipe files in pdf) $199
Publishing For Maximum Profits (17 audio mp3's) $297
21 Ways To Double Your Sales (6 audio mp3's and pdf notes) $127
Secrets Of Ultra-Successful Selling (12 audio mp3's and manual in pdf) $197
Info-Millions (24 audio mp3's) $497
How To Legally Print Money (2 audio mp3's) $97
Complete A-Z Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Seminar (21 audio mp3's, manual, audio transcripts, and charts in pdf) $995  
Back End Profits & Joint Venture Marketing System Seminar (12 audio mp3's, manual, audio transcripts, joint venture marketing toolkit w/forms and sales letters in pdf) $649  
Masters Of Internet Marketing Home Study Course (28 audio mp3's and notes in pdf) $497  
Masters Of Direct Marketing Home Study Course (30 audio mp3's and notes in pdf) $497  
Killer Copywriting Boot Camp (3 audio mp3's and manual w/swipe files and headlines in pdf) $97  
Small Business Marketing Magic (5 audio mp3's and 2 manuals in pdf) $397  
Make Money In Your Underwear Bootcamp
(11 audio mp3's and a  bootcamp handouts in pdf)
Jeff Paul's Make Money In Your Underwear System
(3 audio mp3's and a  manual in pdf)
Advertising Magic
(6 audio mp3's and a  manual in pdf)
How I Made $77 Million In 2 Years (6 audio mp3's and a  manual in pdf) $247  

Premium Bonuses

The Ultimate Internet Entrepreneur w/Corey Rudl & Dan Kennedy (4 audio mp3's and 2 manuals in pdf) $197
Power Copywriting For The Internet (manual and 5 audio mp3's) $197
New Business Power Marketing (manual in pdf) $99
Information Marketing Boot Camp w/Ron LeGrand, Dan Kennedy, Robert Allen (16 audio mp3's and manual in pdf) $395
Direct Mail Boot Camp (24 audio mp3's) $395
Insider's Guide To Direct Mail Profits (manual in pdf) $97
301 Direct Mail Tips, Techniques & Secrets (manual in pdf) $127
Unfair Advantage Letter Book (manual w/swipe files in pdf) $77
Massive Collection Of Copywriting Books, Swipe Files, Templates, Headlines, etc... (in pdf) $249
You Get It ALL
For Only...
Total REAL Value Of What You Get: $11,064 Standard Package
Platinum Package


* Once you make the payment you will have INSTANT ACCESS to the member's area (for either Standard or Platinum Package) where you can download ALL the programs.

NOTE: All the programs are in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FORMAT. There are NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS BEING SHIPPED. You can however order all the programs in digital format to be shipped to you on DVD-ROMs for a small fee.

More Testimonials         Frequently Asked Questions

Platinum Component #1: Complete A-Z Information Publishing & Advanced Direct Marketing Business Seminarr

Who Else Wants To Be An Info/Direct Marketing Millionaire?

From the Desk of Dan Kennedy:

I will be direct and to the point, with no warm-up.

In my career, for myself and my clients, I’ve sold well over half-a-Billion Dollars worth of information products! (If you added in the money made by many more "students" of mine who have followed my examples and instruction, it’s over several billion dollars.)

I have made a personal fortune -- and made millions of dollars for many clients -- in the business of conceptualizing, creating, publishing and marketing "info products", from $10 books to $15,000.00 "courses", sold via every means imaginable.

If you can name a scenario involving marketing information, I've dealt with it. My track record in this specialized niche is virtually unmatched.

 If I don’t make at least a $1,000.00 a day from my information products, almost all of it arriving through my mail, my Websites, the fax machine, I’m very, very grumpy. And I do make that – and more – nearly every day, whether I do any work or not. Last year, my wife, Carla and I took a 7 day Alaska cruise, several other vacations, I took over 70 days off to "fool" around with our racehorses, Carla visited our daughter and new grandson in Washington, D.C. almost every other week for a few months – and the money kept streaming in. The point is – this type of business offers not only the income, but the freedom to live as you please.

And I have dozens and dozens of clients who've "modeled" me, and created millionaire lifestyles of their own as "info-marketers." WHY NOT YOU?

I’m talking about YOUR OWN PROPRIETARY PRODUCTS that you create, own and control – and I promise, even if you can’t write a grocery list or are "all thumbs" at the computer, you CAN quickly develop very valuable info-products of your own.

With my life’s blueprint – and my client’s examples – to follow, you CAN develop your own "perfect business".…. Few or NO employees, NO office overhead, most "work" done FOR you by outside vendors, sales done AUTOMATICALLY, little or no personal contact with customers, multiple streams of income from your products – from your own advertising, mailings, Internet marketing AND from distribution by many others..… every time the FAX beeps, money for you! The day’s mail, money for you!

Why wouldn’t you want to live such a profitable business lifestyle to the greatest extent possible?

So, let me tell you about this "home study package" based on my once-in-a-lifetime, tell-it-ALL seminar you missed, entirely, exclusively and totally devoted to the a-to-z’s of making money with direct marketing and in the information business:


I taught virtually the entire seminar. From 8:30AM right through to 9:30PM the first two days, 8:30AM – 3:30PM the 3rd, as close to non-stop as humanly possible. There were NO guest speakers, only a few quick "panel discussions."

By the way, the longest presentation about info-marketing I’ve ever given at anybody else’s seminar or conference has been two hours. Imagine what I can do with over 30 "classroom" hours!

We Will Dissect The Frog And Leave No Body Part Whole

We looked at every single aspect of making money with info-products in minute detail. From market selection to media and list choices to product development to the back-end business and multiple income streams. To every question you can imagine bringing to the table. (With one exception: database management, technical computer stuff.)

Here, let me check off some of the most important "secrets" definitely included in this "Info-Publishing/Direct Marketing Business System...

The exact, detailed criteria I and my clients use to ferret out and target ultra-responsive, rabid markets..…which I’ve never presented in entirety before.
Insights into "niches" and "subcultures", so you can be a more adept "hunter" of prime target markets – fully supported with actual examples "hidden" from the casual observer.




Examples of "guerrilla warrior approaches" to launching or testing new info-businesses with cheapskate budgets – for example: how I launched my first info-products, in tiny target markets, with "free" lists. KNOWING WHAT I HAVE LEARNED OVER 20 YEARS, AT CONSIDERABLE EXPENSE, ABOUT CHOOSING A MARKET, SLICING ‘N DICING THAT MARKET, DISCOVERING ITS MOST BURNING, PASSIONATE DESIRES AND MATCHING INFO-PRODUCT OFFERS TO THOSE DESIRES IS TRULY A MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF KNOWLEDGE.


Analytical examination of dozens and dozens of different successful info-products..… classics, contemporary, brand new..…what makes them sell so well?…..what "ingredients" to build into your info-product to support the strongest possible sales pitch, to assure customer satisfaction, to provide greatest possible profitability.
How to make product development easier, faster, cheaper.
What you need to know about both sides of "Licensing."  HOW TO CREATE OR FIND AND SECURE "RIGHTS" TO THE INFO-PRODUCTS(S) THAT WILL MAKE YOU RICH.
Insider, pro strategies for finding, obtaining, testing and using mailing lists.
How to buy media like an experienced pro – and not be taken advantage of.
How to exploit many different "distribution opportunities" for your info-products requiring NO AD OR MARKETING DOLLARS OF YOUR OWN, and tapping into others’ carefully guarded customers. 


An exhaustive, in-depth look at Joint Ventures, arguably the highest-profit way to multiply your wealth based on a "solid" info-product.  EXACTLY  HOW  TO  PUT  TOGETHER  A  MULTI-FACETED  MARKETING  MACHINE  THAT  WILL  SERVE  YOU  WELL DAY  IN,  DAY  OUT,  POTENTIALLY  FOR  YEARS  AND  YEARS  TO  COME.
Hundreds of "little tricks" that pay off big – like the phone number "gimmick" that boosts response to almost any ad by 30% to 40%.  Like: what to add to an order form to boost net profits by 25% or more.
Hundreds of "little nuances" shown to you in ads, letters, FAXes, etc. both for selling to new customers and to established customers….. A  LIFETIME  OF  MY  MOST EFFECTIVE  WORK,  INCLUDING  EXAMPLES  THAT  I  HAVE  NEVER  BEFORE SHOWN  IN  SEMINARS  OR  PUBLISHED  ELSEWHERE.

In total, you get a truly COMPLETE "PICTURE" of an info-business, from the very first ad to acquire the very first customer all the way to a mature business with 2/3rds to 3/4ths of its income derived from the "back end", with continuity and renewable income, periodic BIG paydays, a complex matrix of profit centers and income streams…..a business engineered for near 100% auto-pilot operation, for the ideal lifestyle…..a business generating both current, high income and long-term equity, value and wealth. 

I believe you will be INSPIRED by this "picture"… will PROFIT from this comprehensive inside-look, more detailed understanding… will be fully equipped to launch OR to "super-charge" your own info-business.

Examples, Examples, Examples And More Examples…

Unique, unusual envelope designs that get opened.….Order Forms designed with "rocket science" thoroughness and precision to maximize response.  From my archives:  THE very first ads I ever wrote and ran, for my first info-products, and for my first clients.….one of my earliest sales letters for info-products and the amazing "secret" it contains…..  Examine some of my longest-running, most profitable ads, including "An Open Letter From A Once-Flat-Broke Nebraska Housewife"…..Joe Polish’s lead generation ads.….

Powerful, high-performing sales letters, including the current Nightingale-Conant "control" for my MAGNETIC MARKETING SYSTEM.  Examples from clients and attendees at this seminar…..those selling to business niches, hobbyists, "unusual", offbeat markets..…my "Why Would A Wealthy Man…?" letter that made millions for a client.  Little "lift notes" and "Post-it Notes" that give big boosts to response.  Join me in dissecting and analyzing "million dollar sales letters"…..letters I’ve been paid $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 to write, letters that have literally created million dollar successes from scratch.

You even get examples of "raw copy" as I delivered to clients, before it was ultimately turned into successful direct-mail campaigns, so you see the "evolutionary process" from the very beginning – for example, one renewal campaign that converted 2/3rds of a client’s customers from "low price" to "high price."

Original lead-generation ads that launched million dollar info-businesses – actual ads from over a dozen different individuals shown and discussed.  Examples of "winner" and "loser" ads for the same product, why one worked, the other didn’t.

From 43 or 44 hours of classroom time and hundreds and hundreds of examples shown and discussed, I’ve hand-picked THE most useful and valuable minutes, THE most valuable models, cut out all the "chaff", and built a HIGHLIGHTS PROGRAM that compresses, condenses and efficiently presents my entire, systemized, step-by-step approach to developing a hugely profitable "info empire."  And in addition to my "lifetime of know-how", you’ll hear me quiz people like Ken McCarthy, the only person I trust re.  Making money via the Internet..…Joe Sabah, who has sold an unbelievable number of books "in his bathrobe" via talk radio..…Jeff Paul, the "$4,000.00 A Day" man…..and a handful of other information giants.

It is IDEAL FOR YOU if you are already in the info-products business in one way or another, or you’re a very serious student of direct marketing.

Here's Exactly What You Get:

21 AUDIOS IN MP3 - professionally recorded and edited by Steve Tyra, in my opinion, THE best editor of spoken word audio in the business. Over 27 hours of the 3 days are here, including my presentations, lively question-answer sessions, panel discussions where quizzed guest experts and successful clients, and much more. That’s an incredible 27 hours!!!

COMPLETE WRITTEN TRANSCRIPTS of the audio CD's to make note-taking, highlighting, and subsequent reference as easy as possible for you.

MY INTEGRATED MONEYMAKING SYSTEMS CHARTS AND DIAGRAMS Before this Seminar, I kept these to myself. Even my private clients paying $6,800.00 a day, some paying me $100,000.00 and more a year NEVER saw these diagrams and charts. These "pull everything together" so you have complete understanding of very sophisticated marketing models.

A GIANT "SAMPLE BOOK" OF ADS, SALES LETTERS, CATALOG PAGES and other marketing tools and examples discussed during the Seminar – including some of my earliest successful ads, even my very first ads..…including successful examples I’ve never shown off at a seminar or in a course. I promise, you can "live off of" this collection of "winners" by itself! I’ve even included examples of "raw copy" as I deliver it to my copywriting clients in the first draft, so you can see my thinking process, and how a winning promotion evolves. You cannot get many of these samples in any other resource.

"...we are going to break the FIVE MILLION DOLLAR yearly sales mark for the first time in the history of our company...."

...the one idea you gave us at the meeting has made us the most money ever in such a short time - within nine weeks of the meeting, we made a total gross profit of $271,752.34 (on a mailing cost of only $11,714.41). You've helped us make money since 1993, and many of your ideas have earned us a small fortune over time, but nothing has ever made us this much, this fast.

Thanks in large part to your powerful methods and strategies, and guidance,  we are going to break the FIVE MILLION DOLLAR yearly sales mark for the first time in the history of our company."

- Eileen and T.J. Rohleder, M.O.R.E. Inc., Goessell, Kansas

...Studying Dan's material has been largely responsible for millions in sales of my products on the Internet.

"Personally, studying Dan's material has been largely responsible for millions in sales of my products on the Internet. That's not an exaggeration. And if I had to name my #1 Go-to guy for advice - he's at the very top of the list. In fact, I still regularly pay him over $25,000+ a year for his advice, resources and consultation. Yes, Dan hates his computer and loathes the Internet but when he talks about online marketing - I drop everything and pay attention."

- Yanik Silver,

People paid $3,475.00 to attend the seminar. You’re getting the "Highlights Package" for a fraction as part of the Platinum Package.

Click Here To Grab This Huge Marketing Package...

Platinum Component #2: Back End Profits & Joint Venture Marketing System Seminar

"How You Can Find Hidden Money In Your Business With Special Profit Building Systems & Joint Venture Marketing"

Warning: This is far, far from "101 stuff." THIS IS VERY ADVANCED, INSIDER INFORMATION.

There's a SECRET that is more so than any or all other know-how Dan Kennedy has acquired in 30 years, that has been directly responsible for the following achievements, which might also be appealing for you:

To make a very large income from serving a surprisingly small number of customers, thus enjoying a simple, low-stress business.
To create very predictable, dependable income. For the past 4 years, I have predicted my next year’s income 10 to 12 months in advance and been within 5% of the target each year.


To get wealthy fast. Personally, I’ve created more wealth for myself in the past 6 years than in the previous 24.  I have clients who’ve multiplied their wealth by as much as 100-times in just a few years by applying this SECRET to their businesses.


To make a business saleable for a large “exit payday.”  That may or may not interest you in the short-term, but take the long view.  I did sell a part of my business in 1999, for a substantial sum, plus continuing compensation.  I did so in a field where 99% of all businesses are never saleable!  Why?  THIS SECRET.


To multiply your income without multiplying your work, hours or headaches.  Once THIS SECRET is fully deployed in your business, you’ll be on a most unusual economic curve, able to work less and less yet make more and more.

THE SECRET, Revealed...

Now, here it is:

Every businessperson is way too focused on the “front-end” of his business, the getting of customers, the making of sales -- and barely pays any attention at all to the “back-end” of the business.  Yet, “the back-end” is where all the real opportunities lie.

Listen, all the cost is in getting the customer.  The giant profits can’t come from there.  The giant profits must come after the first sale. And to do that you need a SYSTEM.

So what you're getting is Dan Kennedy's painstakingly detailed, thoroughly engineered, fully integrated, admittedly complex "SYSTEM" for making your customers 20-times more valuable to you than they are now.

Plus you'll discover how to get other business owners selling your goods or services for you to their customers, with their endorsement.

This is JOINT VENTURE MARKETING, which links "front-end" and "back-end" in unique ways. Understanding where and how to find and work with Joint Venture Marketing Partners can give you HUGE paydays like no other opportunity or method I have ever seen. This, too, is covered from A-to-Z in these same audios.

So Here's Exactly What You Get:

12 Audios in mp3 - of the entire two day bootcamp

Manual in PDF - One huge Manual, quite literally the two days in a box

Joint Venture Marketing Toolkit - This “Toolkit” brings everything I reveal in on the CDs to life.  Information is worthless without action, and this Joint Venture Toolkit practically sets up joint ventures for you.

It gives you a “million-dollar” sales letter you can use to set up joint ventures, an exciting Special Report that educates your JV prospects on why they should be doing joint ventures, and a Joint Venture Agreement Form that seals the deal

REPRINT RIGHTS to a MILLION DOLLAR SALES LETTER that will solicit joint ventures for you.  I know for a fact this letter has been used by Vitaly Grinblat and other entrepreneurs to quickly set up dozens of very profitable joint ventures.

REPRINT RIGHTS to a new SPECIAL REPORT titled, "Free Money: Secrets Of High-Profit, Zero-Cost Joint Venture Marketing."  Most business people are afraid of Joint Ventures because they don’t understand them.  Yet, when they see why JV’s are so profitable, the light in their head comes on, and they come running.  They just need to be educated.  Want an easy way to educate and get set-up with joint ventures?  Just mail this "already done for you" Report to your JV prospects with the proven sales letter above.  These ‘tools’ educate and sell your JV prospects on the benefits of doing joint ventures with you.

REPRINT RIGHTS to a JOINT VENTURE AGREEMENT FORM.  Once you’re set-up with a JV, have your partner sign this Form to insure your venture runs smoothly and that you get paid on time.  This simple Agreement Form of "two typed pages" is one of the cornerstones of joint venture success, and I wouldn’t do one without it.

Click Here To Grab This Huge Marketing Package...

Platinum Component #3: Masters Of Internet Marketing Home Study Course

A Massive Brain Dump From The Leading Internet Millionaire Gurus On The Planet... Advanced Money Making Secrets Anyone Can Use To Start From Scratch And Build An Online Business Quickly!

Get ready to learn from the top internet marketing experts in these No-Holds-Barred tele-seminars which Live Attendees have paid $1,497 to attend.

Here's the line up...

Marlon Sanders - one of the pioneers of online marketing and selling ebooks.

Here's a small list of what you'll be learning...

Discover the exact step-by-step system for cranking out bestselling products in lightning speed... then rolling them out successfully using brain-dead simple 2 page websites that produce cash like clockwork!

How to find out exactly what people want to buy... and know for sure if your product will sell on the internet BEFORE you even create it (you'll NEVER have to deal with loser products again)
Secrets of creating killer Web copy that sell your products like crazy.
What are the differences between killer WEB copy and killer OFFLINE copy? You'd better know for sure so you don't shoot yourself in the foot.
The little-known secret one marketer used to explode his ezine list with over 12,000 NEW ezine subscribers in less than 7 days!

Stephen Pierce - is another online marketing pioneer. Creator of Clickbank #1 bestsellers and known for creating six figure product launches.

Here's a small sample of what you'll discover...

How to drive a stampede of absolutely FREE, laser-targeted traffic to your website... using the top-secret tools and strategies 99.99% of internet marketers have no clue about!
Super affiliate secrets revealed: discover the astonishing secrets Stephen uses to become the #1 super-affiliate for virtually EVERY affiliate program he promotes!

Secrets of achieving high conversion rates from your email list!

The Power Play Joint Venture strategy you can use to score deals with the big players and super affiliates in your market and create an avalanche of sales without risking a dime!
The one critical internet marketing phenomena that is a major driving force behind internet buying and selling, but that no one talks about (if you ignore this, your online profits will only be a fraction of what it could have been)!

Matt Furey - makes MILLIONS online selling his own information products in the fitness niche, from his home, with NO EMPLOYEES and NO OVERHEAD.

Matt will be talking about creating your own Info-Publishing Empire...

How to put together your bestselling info-product in one afternoon!
How you can create your own mega-bestselling info products that people will pay you big bucks for... even if you think you're not an "expert" in anything!
How to write emails that bring you over $10,000 in less than 24 hours!

Why other online marketers are stepping over $100 bills to pick up pennies with their pay-per-click strategies!

How to build a fiercely loyal following that grows and grows and won't stop giving you money!

Shawn Casey - creator of many best selling internet products. One such product has sold over 90,000 copies in 118 countries.

You'll hear Shawn talk about how to make $1,000 in 48 hours, starting with only $200 on your credit card, a phone, and an internet connection... and NOTHING else! (And I mean nothing else... NO products, NO mailing list, NO contacts, NO nothing!)

As well as how to use the internet to find the "perfect product" to sell... without creating it yourself. (Why do all the work of creating the product yourself, when you can find hot products EVERYWHERE if you just know the right places to look?)

Yanik Silver - At only 30 years of age Yanik is recognized as the leading expert on creating automatic, moneymaking web sites...

In this tele-class Yanik will show you ...

“How To Create Your Own High-Profit Internet Empire By Tapping Into The Hidden Goldmine Of FREE Public Domain Information”

Yanik will reveal how you can make a fortune online with public domain information (that you can legally and ethically "steal", re-package and sell as your own info-products, without paying a dime in royalties).

Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins - these guys are SEO experts from Stompernet. And will show you "The No-BS, Step-By-Step Blueprint To Dominating The Top-10 Rankings In ALL The Major Search Engines!"

Frank Kern - if you've done any online marketing this guy needs no introduction. Arguably the best internet copywriter and a master of creating niche products that SELL.

Frank will show you "How To Make Truckloads Of Money On The Internet By Cashing-In On Overlooked Niche Markets And Getting Other People To Do All The Work For You Dirt-Cheap!"

Currently Frank's clients pay him as much as $100,000 plus royalties to create product launches online.

Perry Marshall - is an expert and the go to guy for many gurus in Pay Per Click marketing. Perry will share with you the Secrets of Using Google AdWords To Generate Massive Automatic Profits!

Google AdWords copywriting secrets revealed: discover how to create killer AdWords ads that explode your click-thru rates!

How to get ranked higher than your competitors, even if they're paying 2, 3, or even 5 times as much as you're paying per-click!
How to "break into the game" if you're in a hyper-competitive market where the bid prices are $5 to $10 per-click!
How to use Google AdWords to test new markets and product ideas for dirt-cheap!

Alex Mandosian - During the past 15 + years, Alex has helped his clients generate over $183 million in sales from TV infomercials, national retail catalogs, space ads, direct mail, and of course, the Internet.

In this tele-class, Alex will teach you everything you need to know about using testing and tracking to maximize you online profits.

Here's a small sample of what you'll discover...

How to set up a simple, foolproof system for tracking ALL your advertising... from pay-per-click campaigns, to email promotions, to banner ads and even offline ads!
What are the different options you have for tracking your online ads, and what critical features to look for when choosing what to use!
What "Response Modifiers" are, and how they can skyrocket your sales and profits by 1,700% or more!
Why proper split-testing is crucial for maximizing your online profits... and why almost everyone is doing this totally WRONG!

Ron Romano - Ron is the CEO of Automated Marketing Solutions, and he's the "go to" guy that the top marketing experts such as Dan Kennedy turn to for automating their offline marketing campaigns.

Ron will show you How To At Least Triple Your Online Profits With Quick, Easy and Automated OFFLINE Marketing Systems!

Rich Shefren - been featured in the media for his business success, from The Wall Street Journal (being featured as "an unbelievable retail turnaround story") and CNN (appearing several times and labeled as an expert in retail marketing)...

... To Crain's, Newsweek, Entertainment Tonight, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, Vogue, GQ, MTV, VH1, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Cosmopolitan, The Daily News, The New York Post and too many others to list.

Here's a small sample of what you'll discover...

The insider's secret that no-one online ever talks about but it's the reason why rookies work ten times more hours then they need to - while guru's are raking it in even when they're out playing golf!
Discover the shocking truth about outsourcing... and the biggest fallacies about outsourcing that no-one else is telling you!

A simple step by step plan to dominate any niche that you enter!

Jeff Paul & Jim Fleck - are the hosts of this tele-seminar series. Jeff is one of Dan Kennedy's most successful students and is the creator of "How I Make $4,000 A Day In My Underwear Sitting At My Kitchen Table" course, which has launched a lot of successful direct mail and online marketing businesses.

In these mind-blowing sessions, you'll learn...

...EVERYTHING Jim, Jeff, and their special guest experts and incredibly successful (and rich) students and clients know, about making money online for ANY KIND OF BUSINESS…

...and also, ALL the huge mistakes, blunders, disasters, con jobs, rip offs, knock-offs, and interference from true assholes we’ve suffered through… so you won’t have to suffer from making the same mistakes… learning how to avoid them from the lessons we’ve learned through our stupidity and naiveté! 

You get all the sessions on mp3 format, OVER 25 Hours IN ALL…

PLUS, you'll also get quick-and-easy "cheat sheets" for each teleclass, that summarizes the most important points from each teleclass... so you have these advanced online moneymaking strategies right at your fingertips for easy reference.

"Jeff Is The Guru Of Direct Mail Marketing"

"Jam packed with precious marketing tips which are more valuable to any entrepreneur than solid gold nuggets. If you want to market anything successfully, get this...."

- Ted Nicholas
Author of Magic Words That Bring You Riches and How To
Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $75


"I would like to thank Marlon Sanders for kicking off the Masters of Internet Marketing teleseminar series because he spoke to people at every level. I was very apprehensive about this program as marketing on the Internet is a completely foreign idea to me, yet I was able to follow along with everything Marlon had to say. He was so thorough in the delivery of his information and he demonstrated depth as well as breadth of knowledge about marketing on the internet. Between the outline we were provided ahead of time and the terrific facilitating job Jeff Paul did, this call opened a whole new world of possibilities for this newbie. I'm glad I took a leap of faith and signed up for this series: I can't wait to see what comes next!"

- Elizabeth Hakanson

"Awesome Cutting-Edge Info!"

"Marlon was AWESOME covering great tips for the beginner and for the veteran! He is always on the cutting edge with his info. Just one tip from this Masters series can change your life!"

- Bob Bicknell

"...Great examples, and truly fantastic information. Loved the unique perspective Jim and Jeff have. I got at least three new ideas I can't wait to implement...."

- Jonathan Mizel
Kihei, HI


Click Here To Grab This Huge Marketing Package...

Platinum Component #4: Masters Of Direct Marketing Home Study Course

Master Direct Marketers Home Study Course will reveal how to make obscene amounts of money legally and ethically - making more money in a month than most people make in a year! 

You'll Get Over 30 Hours Of The Complete Unedited Audios Of EVERY DIRECT MARKETING SECRET EVER UNCOVERED!

Jeff Paul - A financial planner turned direct response marketing guru. Has been running mega successful infomercials for years, and still does!

Jim Fleck  - A direct response marketer and co-host of this tele-seminar series!

Dan Kennedy - The smartest and most knowledgeable direct marketing genius on the planet!

Paul Hartunian - The brains behind getting millions of dollars worth of free advertising!

John Carlton - The best advertising copywriter on this green earth!

Yanik Silver - A true internet marketing maven that actually does what he sells. Holds an annual sold-out Underground Seminar for online marketers with a $5,000 admission ticket!

Shawn Casey - The Joint Venture expert and extraordinary Internet Marketer!

Ed O'Keefe - Bartender to million dollar home based income in just over one year!

Michael Masterson - one of the top direct response copywriters in the world and co-founder of Early To Rise (one of the largest direct mail companies), American Writers & Artists Institute (a premier educational company for aspiring copywriters)

Bob Bly - another Grade A copywriter specializing in business-to-business, high-tech, and direct advertising. As well as an author of more than 60 books with appearances on CNBC and CBS's Hard Copy.

John Goldman - The World's Leading Authority on Lumpy Mail Direct Response Reveals best-kept secrets to send response rates through the roof!

Dave Petito - was the producer and executive in charge of Jeff Paul's first infomercial, and is now an independent consultant. 

How's that for a line up? You'll be hearing from top direct marketing experts, copywriters and online marketers about their direct response marketing secrets to boosting profits and creating cash flow surges in their and their clients businesses.

Here's a list of the topics covered and a really small sample of some of the insider secrets you're going to learn...

Emotional Response Marketing w/Jeff Paul - Discover THE Money Making Formula that virtually assures success and attracts money like a ten ton magnet attracts a paper clip...
Dan Kennedy's Direct Marketing Success Formula - What are the BIGGEST mistakes that business owners make over and over again, and how to avoid them, and the most important elements of writing a good copy...


How to write an emotionally compelling copy with John Carlton - Discover John's copywriting formula, everything about headlines, bullets, and when and where to use subheads, how to create a the body copy and craft your offers... plus how to write enticing emails...


How to Get $1,000,000 Of Free Advertising And Publicity…Interview With Paul Hartunian! Discover how to Get FREE advertising from a guy had a 2 page spread written about him in Forbes magazine (that would cost over $100,000 if he ran that as an ad)...

Discover the amazing secrets about how to make money under any circumstances through Joint Ventures - Make Money Without Money, Products Or Customers....


From Bartender To $1,000,000 Home-Based Business…Interview With Ed O'Keefe - Ed was making $7 an hour as a bartender and less than year later was bringing in over $120,000 a month selling to a sophisticated audience in an industry he knew NOTHING about, before..


How To Create, Find Or Acquire Information Products That You Can Sell For Shockingly High Profit Margins - Even if you have no idea, hobbies, special skills, products or services to sell yet, we'll teach you EXACTLY how easy it is to find or create products to sell for outrageous profit margins...
The Secrets Of Direct Mail Riches…Remarkable Interview With Jon Goldman - Jon will cover everything there's to direct mail, from lists and lead generation to mailing, type of envelopes, follow ups, and more...
Real Secrets Of Online Riches…Shocking Interview With Yanik Silver - where he'll share all the steps of putting together an internet business from scratch
$1,000,000 Secrets Of TV, Radio, And Recorded Messages With Dave Petitto and Ron Romano!
Life Lessons Learned Along The Way…Insider's Secrets For Handling Direct Marketing Success - in this session, Jeff Paul explains his 42 rules for maximum success in direct marketing and in life!
The Secrets Of High Ticket Products And Tele-Seminars, with Michael Masterson and Robert Bly!

Platinum Component #5: Killer Copywriting

"Discover The Amazing Formula That Even An Illiterate Dropout Can Use To Write Advertising Copy
100 Times More Potent Than The Best Madison Avenue
Ad Agency... Guaranteed!"

"Jeff Paul's Never Before Revealed Copywriting Secrets Of Writing Copy So Good...You Could Sell Sand In The Desert!"

Millionaire Marketer Jeff Paul has sold OVER $25,000,000 (that's MILLION) worth of products directly, including thousands of $6,000 sets of golf clubs...and his clients have sold HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS of products and services with his advice and secret methods, online and offline!

Here's just a fraction of what  you're going to learn about KILLER COPY that you simply WILL NOT learn anywhere else

  • How to make a fortune using the one proven ad format that always works!
  • How to write bullets that hypnotically draw your prospects into your ads to read them... causing them to take action and spend more money with you over and over again!
  • A list of the 100 greatest headlines ever written! (You'll want to use these to brainstorm and copy for your own headlines!)
  • How to use stories that grabs and holds the attention of your reader all the way to the order page!
  • A powerful little secret (that no one believes) which tells you if your letter is really ready to mail!
  • Dozens of tests that every ad or letter must pass before you use it!
  • A step-by-step formula used to create powerful copy. Use the formula for your own ads and letters. Or to make big money writing for others! (I make a good deal of my income from royalties and fees I get paid for writing KILLER COPY for clients, as well as for myself!)
  • The single-most important element of any sales message...and how to exploit it for maximum sales!
  • 37 guaranteed ways to increase readership, boost response to your sales letters and ads...and make more sales.
  • The absolutely essential first three things you must do before you attempt to sell anything to anyone!
  • The real reason people choose to buy anything -- the secret truth long-known by master salesmen, sociologists and "con-men" - finally revealed! (Except you get to use this potentially dangerous secret in good, and ethical ways! But please be careful with it, because it can cause huge surges of cash to flow into your bank account! Don't let your kids try this without your supervision...please!)
  • You get exact word-for-word samples of ads and sales letters that brought in millions..
  • The formulas that even an illiterate drop-out can use to write advertising copy 100 times more potent than the best Madison Avenue ad agency!
  • A truly "no brainer" (yet usually overlooked) way to increase the readership of any sales letter you ever use! (It's almost like cheating, but you don't do anything dishonest. It does, however, give you a totally unfair advantage!!)
  • The 4 questions you must be able to answer or you won't sell anything!
  • The most important thing you could ever learn about putting out advertising that sells!
  • The hidden secrets that boost response every time!
  • Learn the specific words to use that'll make your customers fumble for their wallets and buy from you!
  • Why people won't respond to a good ad or sales letter, and how to stop it!
  • Why revealing one or two flaws about your product or service will help shoot your ad's response through the roof.., and the best way to reveal those flaws!
  • Easy-to-use headline formulas you can use to plug right into letters! (with hardly a strain of thought whatsoever!!!)
  • An amazingly simple formula to follow that makes putting out ads and letters even easier!
  • The best way to create the "first draft" of your ad! (This technique will surprise you)!
  • Why you've got to forget everything your grammar teacher ever taught you, so your ads and letters will pull in the cash sales you deserve!
  • Learn the greatest advertising 'secret formula' ever revealed! (This secret from the old time masters you'll be studying, is so powerful, it literally is the difference between living the life of your dreams with constant cash flow coming in...versus being stuck in the life you hate, and so desperately want to get out of immediately!
  • Plus, NO ONE will ever explain this secret to you the way I do, so it's as clear and plain as a full moon on a cloudless night.

You get the whole course in PDF format, PLUS 3 audio mp3's from the Jeff's Killer Copywriting Workshop.

Platinum Component #6: Advertising Magic

How To Master The Art-And-Science Of Writing
"Killer" Ads & Sales Letters"

You're about to discover how to create Sales Copy that will trigger your prospects emotions and move them to action Immediately…You Can Use This Easy, Step-By-Step System To Make Serious Money As Often As You'd Like -- 100% Guaranteed!!!

Amazing Step-By-Step System For Writing Powerful Ads And Sales Letters That Sell!

Created by Brian Keith Voiles - America's most brilliant and highly sought after copywriter finally reveals his simple, step-by-step system for writing winning sales letters and advertisements that work!

"Mail-order marketers, direct marketing experts, dentists, chiropractors, lawn care professionals, hair dressers, computer programmers, publishers, manufacturers, software developers, restaurants, professional speakers, printers, salespeople, nutritional companies, and almost any other business you can think of have ALL used my techniques to generate leads and customers like mad.


This is the same system he used to write money-making ads and sales letters for Mike Enlow, Robert Allen, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Jay Abraham, Peter Sun, Terry Dean, Frank Kern and many other multi-millionaire marketers.

You'll get:

Ad Magic 400+ page manual with lessons and swipe file in pdf.

6 audio mp3's with Brian Keith Voiles teaching you his copywriting system.

"... brough in over $2.5  million."

"Brian is absolutely the very best...that's why he writes my sales material.

A 16-page sales letter that Brian put together so far has brought in over $2.5 million. Those kind of results can happen only when someone knows how to write hot ads."

Mike Enlow
Masters of Marketing

"... I made $52,682 in 30 days."

"The most recent letter Brian wrote for me filled the seminar seats to overflowing in record time. Because of Brian's sales letter, I made $52,682 in 30 days.

Get your hands on every thing this guy has to offer before he realizes he should be charging TRIPLE what he does!"


Robert G. Allen, Author/Trainer, "Nothing Down Real Estate" and "Multiple Streams of Internet Income"

"... Jump on it!"

"Ad copy is the fuel that runs the engine. Without great copy, your business is not going anywhere. That's why I've invested so much over the years in producing great copy for my businesses."

"Brian Keith Voiles is one of a tiny handful of copywriters I entrust with my sales. He's also a generous and articulate teacher. If you ever get a chance to learn from him, jump on it."

Ken McCarthy
The System Seminar


Platinum Component #7: Small Business Marketing Magic

101 Secrets To Get INSTANT Results And Profits Using The Most Successful, Proven And Guaranteed Marketing System Ever Revealed! Read This Report, And You'll Discover Incredibly Simple Ways To Get All Of Your Prospects To Come To You…And Your Customers To Come Back To Buy From You Over And Over Again!








You'll get a large 101 Marketing Secrets Manual in pdf...

This very thick, 423 page manual is the core of the information you'll receive from this program. The manual walks you through all the different and mostly unused and unheard of ways to:
Get interested, qualified leads, prospects, customers and referrals to come to you with a marketing machine that never stops, never sleeps, and that is ALWAYS bringing you fresh new sales and INSTANT PROFITS!
And, of course, little known ways to get referrals from clients and other professionals, without the "traditional" begging and pushing!
It is a massive collection of all the marketing secrets we've already talked about, set up for you to begin implementing your new marketing and selling strategies, immediately!


You'll get 101 Marketing Secrets 5 audios in mp3...

These CDs are just like sitting down with me for about four hours and having me take you through this new approach to marketing, from beginning to end, A to Z.



You'll get the Miracle of Recorded Messages guide in pdf...

The "Miracle Of Recorded Messages" is a step by step guide to the proper use of recorded messages to EXPLODE your profits in ways that you cannot do in any other way!


  "Getting involved with your course was the single best investment I've ever made.  To this day (over 2 years later), I still use your course darn near every week.  The results of studying your material?  I gross between $30-$60 thousand a month with my information product.  I feel a deep sense of gratitude to your.  Thank you so very much for your help!"

- Mike C. Decatur, GA.

 "I wanted to let you know how you system is working for me.  So far, I've received 78 orders at $849.00 and I haven't even sent out the second notice!  Even though I have a practicing career, as a result of direct response marketing, I have hired another person to treat my patients in the morning so I can  run my business out of my home on the hill; and yes, sometimes in my underwear! I'm really enjoying it.  Now, I work 3 afternoons at my office collecting $35,000 a month there, and thanks to you, I'm on course to collect $50,000 - $60,000 a month in about 2-3 months with my home business.  Even though I'm far from an expert in lead generation, there can't be anything out there that a "beginner" can do with such dramatic results in such a short period of time.  I really do owe it to you."

- Ben A. Haywood, CA

 " I think the course is phenomenal!   In early January '97 we started marketing the sales letter and by February 25th we've had $6000.00 in orders.  I wish I had started sooner.  This course worked better than I expected." 

Paul C. - Superior, CO.

Platinum Component #8: How I Made $77 Million In 2 Years - Vincent James

The Amazing Money-Making Secret of a 28-year-old Convicted Felon Who Earns More Money Per Year Than The CEOs of FedEx... eBay... Time Warner... Apple Computer... McDonalds... Microsoft... Nike... Yahoo... Ford Motor Company... General Motors... and Goodyear Tire-


Yes it's true. At only 28 years of age, Vincent James made close to $100,000,0000 in sales with a $60 product.

And in this manual Vincent reveals his marketing formula.

Plus you'll get 6 hours of audio, of a private consulting session that a 7 figure online marketer Russell Brunson hired Vincent James to do with him.

You will learn all kinds of...

Copywriting secrets...
Testing methods...
Ad copy tricks...
Million dollar niches...
How to take your online business to over a million dollars using direct response marketing...

and a whole lot more!

"Would Have Gladly Paid 3 Times The Price!"

"I received my copy Friday afternoon. I was really excited when the mailman delivered it and couldn't wait to tear into it. Well, after I opened it and got past the introduction I discovered something... This Course was EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Each page is full of direct marketing GOLD. My mild disappointment waiting for the package to arrive did a power slide and quickly turned into amazement. Had I know exactly what this Course contained; I would have gladly paid 3 times the price. I devoured it in hours, re-read it a little slower allowing myself more time to soak in the information. And I'm getting ready to start on my third pass. I know I'm probably shooting myself in the foot posting this review on a forum full of marketing sharks." Chris Anderlin

"My Business Has Increased 26% In Only 3 Weeks!"

"I am reading this Course now for the 3rd time. My business has increased 26% in only 3 weeks, applying some techniques I discovered within. Why the hell I did not discovered it 1 year ago?
Real Excellent Stuff."
John Voight

"This Guy Is THE REAL DEAL!"

"I got my copy of the this book a few days ago and I wanted to tell you all that this Course is by far the BEST step-by-step plan EVER WRITTEN ON PAPER and the fact that Vincent wrote it all down and was kind enough to share it with us speaks volumes about his character. If you have the SLIGHTEST interest in marketing or direct response then this Course is absolutely essential to your success. In fact, I had a question about the Course for Vincent and I emailed him about it. (He gives his email out at the end of the Course) Well, he is VERY accessible and answered my question in a matter of hours. I just want to report that this guy is THE REAL DEAL and his Course is EXCELLENT. I'm one happy customer." Pat Curley from New York

"I've made as much as $400,000 in pay per week..."

"I've made as much as $400,000 in pay per week. I wrote my own copy that sucked in $8 MILLION a month- every month. I've done it all. I'm one of the guys who "knows what they're talking about." And since I'm unofficially "retired" for at least the next couple of years... I don't feel "threatened" releasing my priceless trade secrets. I want to show you how absolutely USELESS most "experts" are.

That's why I decided to publish EVERYTHING I KNOW in How I Made $77 Million In 2 Years- And You Can Too!. I've actually experienced firsthand the massive success... time and time again. I've held nothing back. All the "inside secrets" have been spilled...

Vincent James


""I got to know this guy. He's from New Jersey, as street smart as they come, and he has the energy of a shitweasel on amphetamines. He created a business that generated $100,000,000 in 23-short months.

Vincent did this with just a pen, a pad, and a simple idea. I believe this is by far the most important marketing product ever put together. In it, veals a lot of secrets that even I have never before revealed to anyone (except a few clients and my closest friends).

If you dare say the information you get from this product was already known to you or it wasn't worth the money, you are much more than a shitweasel. You are a stone-cold, unethical liar. Believe it or not, much of this information is so electrifying; it was unknown even to me. And I am now using these secrets when I create advertising for myself or for my clients.""

Gary Halbert
Marketing Guru, One Of The Best Copywriters EVER
author of "The Gary Halbert Letter"

Are You Ready To Become A Direct Response Marketing Ninja?

Choose Your Package Below:

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For Only...
Total REAL Value Of What You Get: $11,064 Standard Package
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* Once you make the payment you will have INSTANT ACCESS to the member's area (for either Standard or Platinum Package) where you can download ALL the programs.

NOTE: All the programs are in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD FORMAT. There are NO PHYSICAL PRODUCTS BEING SHIPPED. You can however order all the programs in digital format to be shipped to you on DVD-ROMs for a small fee.

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