A Checklist For Printed Advertising

by admin on June 19, 2010

General things to check are:

#1    Was care taken in producing the final material?

#2    Was it prepared to the specifications of the publication where it will appear?

#3    Is the material suitable for quality reproduction?

#4    Will placing the ad in a special section such as Sports or Business sections increase the chances of the ad being seen?

Checklist for the layout of the ad:

#1    Is the layout well organized?

#2    Is it easy to read?

#3    Does it provide eye relief?

#4    Is the visual format attractive and distinctive?

#5    Is more white space needed to enhance readability without taking away from the message?

#6    Does the illustration or visual attract attention?
Does it fit the theme of the ad?
Does the visual have a caption?

#7    Does the ad look professionally produced?

#8    Will using color increase the impact of your ad?

Checklist for the copy:

#1    Does the headline grab attention and stimulate interest?

#2    Does the headline communicate the strongest message about your product or service?

#3    Does the copy work with your headline(s)?

#4    Does the message come across clear and understandable?

#5    Does the copy list the benefits that you wanted to communicate?

#6    Does the copy create urgency?

#7    Does the copy tell the reader how to act? What to do? The call to action?
Should they call? Should they write?

#8    Has the final copy been checked before being released for publication?
Have you set it aside and let it rest for a day or two and then come back and proofread it? Has someone else looked at it?

#9    Does the copy contain all the vital information you want it to include? Your name, address, phone number, prices, and copyright symbol for your ad? Plus other relevant information for your business.

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