Always Give Them Something

by admin on July 6, 2010

You never want to leave a prospect or client without giving them something. You don’t want to leave them empty-handed. You don’t want them to walk out of your store without taking something with them. You don’t want to leave a customer or prospect’s house without leaving them with something. You don’t want to leave a meeting with a prospect without giving them something.

It can be something you sell, a small token, or create something specifically for this reason. You can create a special report (this might be an after-service or after-purchase report that shows them how to get the most benefits out of your product or service); a certificate for a complimentary maintenance, tune-up, telephone conversation or something to enhance the initial purchase; a free gift such as a pen, paper weight, calendar; or discount coupons for another purchase.

You don’t want to use this just for prospects, but also for customer clients. If they buy from you, they should receive something from this list also or everything off the list. Everybody likes to get a free gift. Everyone who does business with you or inquires about business with you should always receive something extra.

Always include your referral program in everything you do. Make sure you implement the formal referral programs that we had talked about in the course. If you constantly follow this strategy and not leave them empty-handed, you will get a lot more business.

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