Avoid High Pressure Sales

by admin on May 16, 2010

In general, your prospects are better educated than they ever have been before. They also have a higher degree of product and service knowledge. It’s in part due to current communication methods.

There has also been a change over the past 30 years to get away from high pressure sales toward more of a customer-oriented approach and the techniques in the previous section on Closes.

If your business and its employees want to genuinely fill a customer’s needs by giving them good products and services that are in demand, and they try to do this by assisting them in their buying decision, your business is going to reap the benefits of those efforts.

The potential benefits of these are going to be in the form of higher sales and increased customer loyalty. The day of the high-pressure vacuum salesman and the aluminum-siding “Tin Men” sales is over.

Avoid Losing Money At Your Sale

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