Create Customer Loyalty

by admin on June 12, 2010

Customer loyalty actually shows itself in a number of ways. Several of them are:

#1    Increased frequency of purchases.

#2    Larger dollar purchases all at one time.

#3    Genuine feedback as to how your business is doing; its products and services, prices, employees.

#4    Referrals.

#5    Actual continued patronage of your business.

You, as the owner, need to really address the issue of loyalty and take action to earn it and maintain it on an ongoing basis.

Some of the ways you can earn and maintain customer loyalty are:

#1    Drawings or giveaways.

#2    Provide freebies to reward customer patronage.

#3    Make it easier for regular customers to use credit cards or checks as payment.

#4    Pass out business cards to customers.

#5    Create a club atmosphere, maybe even requiring a club atmosphere or enrollment card for special benefits.

Within your business, you could create different levels of clubs. You can have the regular customers, the “Inner Circle” customers, and the “Gold Inner Circle” customers.

#6    Take down customer addresses and phone numbers so your business can alert them when you have special events or sales taking place.

#7    Ask them for advice and take action in response when appropriate.

#8    Make them feel special, a part of an elite group of smart people.

There’s a true story about a starving dentist who came up with an idea for a one-page agreement with each new customer. They agreed they would refer customers to him in turn for him holding down his charges.

His second great idea came when he created an announcement and posted it on his counter in his office on his newly locked entrance door. It said, “We don’t take walk-in customers. You have to be referred and accepted as a client before you can do business with us.” His business skyrocketed since his customers felt special and lucky that they were even on the inside of his business. They shared this with their friends and neighbors.

Whatever is appropriate for your business, actively try to create loyalty with your customer base.

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