Direct Mail Is An Equalizer For The Small Business

by admin on July 12, 2010

Giant corporations can afford to spend thousands, maybe millions, on color ads, dozens of magazines, $50,000 per second during the Super Bowl or $1,000,000 per second during the final episode of Seinfeld, and $1,000,000s in endorsements. You can’t generally do that as a small to medium-sized business.

You can, however, spend $100,000s sending out letters and brochures to your prospects.

You can look and sound every bit as prosperous and reliable as anyone or any company in the world. Your competitors may be able to out-spend you on direct mail and reach more people, but they can’t look any better than you can.

Some of your larger competitors might have salespeople combing their territories looking for prospects – the same ones you can reach cheaper by sending direct mail.

Since direct mail is so easy to do, it’s just as easy, if not easier, for a small company to look much worse than its competitors. If you jump into direct mail and say, “Let’s see what happens”, which you wouldn’t do if you were doing a TV commercial, you might experience mistakes quicker. Don’t plunge into direct mail without becoming familiar with its requirements and studying the techniques in this course.

Direct Mail Is Immediate And Personal

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