Direct Mail Is Junk Mail

by admin on June 28, 2010

Many people object to getting direct mail. Even in it’s junkiest forms, it’s not as intrusive as a phone call. It’s not as bad as having the telephone companies call you at dinner time wanting you to change your long distance company again or even TV commercials; you’re watching something you enjoy and all of a sudden there’s a commercial on with someone blasting out a message asking you to buy their cereal.

If the marketer isn’t tempting you to read it, all you have to do is throw it away. Despite direct mail’s cheap image, believe it or not, the majority of direct mail is at least opened. You can’t change the channel on direct mail. Some direct mail is opened by most of its recipients.

Another negative of direct marketing is that it’s cheap or low quality. There are good companies and bad companies in every business and direct marketing is no different. You do have direct mail clothing merchants like Lands End and LL Bean, for example, who have some of the most loyal customers anywhere because they give value and service unmatched by retail stores.

One of the main causes of direct mail’s “junk” reputation is poor targeting. If you’re receiving mail that’s offering you a product that you already have or you don’t have any interest in, then it’s junk. Somebody hasn’t done their homework. If you’re handy and you get a tool catalogue in the mail, that’s not junk. It’s valuable. You might even spend a half hour reading it.

Direct Mail Is Not Appropriate For High Dollar Sales

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