Direct Mail Is Not Good For A Retail Store

by admin on June 30, 2010

This is a myth because so few retailers know how to do direct mail and take advantage of the opportunities. Elsewhere in the course I talk about the restauranteur who uses direct mail to build the catering side of his business and gets thousands and thousands of dollars in catering business because he sends out direct mail letters to specific types of customers.

The term “direct mail” to retailers might mean the competition they receive from mail order companies. The store might think of the Spiegel catalogue or the LL Bean catalogue. When was the last time you got a letter from your favorite store telling you they were having a sale on a piece of merchandise you had bought before? You’ve probably never received such a letter. If you have, would you respond? Probably.

It’s far from being unsuitable for retail stores. Direct marketing can be a very effective tool.

If you collect data from your customers and segment those customers, you can design special events and mail promotions geared toward specific customers and specific customers’ buying habits.

We’ll talk about segmenting and gathering information elsewhere in the course.

Direct Mail Is Not Suitable For Professionals Or Consultants

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