Direct Mail Is Really Only Used By Large Mass Marketers And Mail

by admin on July 2, 2010

That’s not true, as you’ll see in this course.

We’ve talked about some restaurants and dentists and some other smaller companies that use direct mail. Sales and marketing executives who are really influenced by the number of mailings that they see for magazine subscriptions and mail order forms think direct marketing is unsuited for their business because they see all this other mail.

This attitude might also be reinforced by them trying direct mail just once and it failing. If you’ve had an unsuccessful experience with direct mail, you might also be skeptical. There might be various reasons for this. You might say, “We’re not in the mail order business” or “We tried it and it didn’t work. We don’t need direct marketing because we have an outside salesforce” or “Direct marketing doesn’t work in our type of business.”

One type of myth for direct mail is that it’s suitable for many industries, but not yours. That’s absolutely ridiculous. Mail order’s purpose is not only for direct marketing. Many firms have spent millions of dollars on direct mail marketing and they rarely sell anything through the mail. The idea that it’s only good for mass marketers and mail order firms is very misleading.

Direct Mail Response Rates Are Very Low

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