Direct Mail Response Rates Are Very Low

by admin on July 3, 2010

I once sent out a campaign for a business that returned a 25% response. I know many businesses that get 15% responses, 10% and 12%. The myth is “That’s still not a lot. What happened to the 85% who don’t call me if I get a 15% response?”

Reply rates are really responsible for more direct mail misconceptions than any other aspect. People might recognize 15% as being a good response rate and might also say a 1% response rate is the industry average. 15% is fantastic!

There’s really no such thing as an average response rate. There really can’t be. The differences are so great between products and services in direct mail that you can’t put an average on it. You can give some general guidelines.

Whether you get a 1% or a 15%, it doesn’t matter whether that response rate is high or low, it’s whether you profit from it or not. That’s your benchmark. If you are selling a $200,000 yacht and you get a .05% response rate from the people you sent out, that .05% response rate came from the 200 people you sent to. You only got 1 response and 1 sale and you spent $1,000 or $2,000 sending them information. The response rate really means nothing at that point.

Let’s Just Send Out A Catalogue Sheet To 100 People And See What

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