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by admin on July 19, 2010

This is a great marketing technique that can build credibility for your business.

You’ve probably seen little articles in the real estate section of your Sunday paper that shows a local person explaining the finances behind buying a house or fixer-uppers or home remodeling. What you can do is put together a column to answer questions that have been written. You have tons of time to actually write a great answer because you have until the following month or the month after that.

How do you reap the benefits of having a newspaper column? First of all, you’ll be considered an expert and you can re-print these articles and send them out with your marketing material. Because you’re the local expert, when people have a problem in your area of expertise, they will call you. This will bring in a steady stream of business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you were thought of as the expert in your industry? You’d have tons of business.

What do you do with the people who write for answers? Not only do you give them an answer, but send them a marketing piece.

How do you get a newspaper column? That’s not easy, but not that hard either. If you really want one, that’s the first step. You have to persist. Get in touch with the editors, send them press releases that we’ve talked about in the course, continually send them articles, and tell them how the articles can benefit them also, such as it would give their readers timely information.

You could also write a salesletter to that editor, just like you would do to your customers, and use all the same techniques to sell him on buying your newspaper column. Keep following up. Be persistent. Don’t quit.

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