How To Use Card Decks

by admin on July 22, 2010

Val-Pak or a similar type card deck mailer to consumers are what some business owners use to get new business. We get an envelope full of them every other day. They’re usually all the same. We stand over the garbage can and throw 99% of them away without reading them. Many businesses know this and avoid using card decks because they realize the waste. Some businesses let the card deck company design their mailer and they don’t get any response, so they just stop doing it. It’s really nonsense.

You need to create a card or a coupon that stands alone. The great thing about card decks is they deliver a pretty good deal of direct mail at a fraction of the cost. Where else can you get your message delivered for .04¢ or .03¢ each?

As always, there’s plenty of ways to do this wrong. The things you are learning in this course will teach you how to do them right.

First of all, make sure you go into areas where people have money. The same rules apply for all of your other marketing. They apply for your Val-Pak card decks. They need to be direct response marketing pieces. You need to put in good headlines, good offers, and good response vehicles like telephone numbers or reply cards.

If They Complain, Answer

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