Location, Location, Location

by admin on May 24, 2010

The proper location of your business can be a key factor in marketing. Different types of businesses tend to perform better in certain locations. Professional offices shouldn’t be in an unprofessional basement. You need to select a proper location for your business.

This might be based on the following factors:

#1    The professional image needed.

#2    Potential customer traffic.

#3    Its convenience for customers and prospects.

#4    Proximity to suppliers.

#5    Location of competition.

#6    Availability of employees.

#7    Zoning requirements.

Price is a critical element in selection of your location, but it’s not one of the factors you should initially consider in making your decision. If you make the correct location decision, the price you pay will be offset by the sales generated from correctly launching your marketing mission.

If the factors considered in making your location decision lead you to decide on a location that is more expensive than some alternative site would have been, then you do need to have legitimate reasons for the increased price of the location selected. This can be built into your marketing plan.

Conversely, if the location is not of critical importance, then you should not pay a premium price for your business location.

If you can’t run a mail order business out of your home and need to move into an office space, you don’t necessarily need to rent a retail location, you can go into an industrial park where your price is less in rent space and get the same result. A bookkeeper does not have people visit their home because their client’s books are at the office, so a home office is fine.

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