Long Letters Versus Short Letters

by admin on July 26, 2010

Usually in your copy, the more you write, the better. We receive one-page salesletters all the time for products and services and they don’t have enough room to tell us what they’re offering. There always is a debate whether a long salesletter works better than a short one. People will say they don’t like to read a long salesletter, but they are not the customer.

There is no debate whatsoever, without exception, a long salesletter outsells a short one.

The ones that like short copy are the ad agencies because they like to write snappy slogans and fancy copy and win awards. There’s one major drawback to award-winning marketing campaigns. The awards are based on how creative and clever you can be and how pretty the marketing campaigns are. What does that do for you? They look great, but they don’t sell.

The only award you want to win is with dollars that are invested in your company by your customers. Short salesletters don’t make sense. When you take time to think about it, if you were going to send a salesman out to do his job, you wouldn’t say, “You have to do this in one minute or less. You can only talk to the prospect for one minute.” Or, “You can only say up to 100 words.” If you don’t do that to your salesmen, why would you do it to your salesletter?.

One thing that you want to start thinking is that all salesletters are is salesmanship in print. You wouldn’t limit your best salesperson to one or two minutes to make the pitch. The same goes for writing salesletters and getting people to read it. If what you offer is truly interesting to your prospects, they will keep reading and want more information to help them make their decision. You owe it to yourself to tell them as much as possible.

The rule of thumb is that your salesletters or sales material should be whatever length it takes to complete the selling job. It shouldn’t be any shorter than that or any longer than that.

You want to go back and look at your salesletters and see if you’re doing everything you can to take that prospect from Point A to Point B.

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