Not Having A Mission Statement For Your Business

by admin on May 4, 2010

Everyone needs to know what business they’re in and they need to be able to express that purpose in a few sentences in their USA.

If you’re a plumber, you’re not in the business of plumbing. If you’re a carpet cleaner, you’re not in the business of carpet cleaning. You’re in the business of marketing plumbing or marketing carpet cleaning services.

You want to have something like a mission statement for ABC Company to empower your customers to achieve control of their own personal health or beauty of their home.

We need to allow customers to take advantage of our services and achieve what they want.

Your mission statement is what is best for you. You can constantly measure all of your activities then to the mission of your company. You can further measure the success by the success of your clients or customers. The more successful your customers are in getting the benefits from you, the more successful you will be in growing your business.

If you’re currently not generating the volume of business you want, your customers aren’t purchasing as much as you want them to, and you’re not generating enough referrals or back-end upselling or cross-selling like we’ve talked about. It’s probably because you lack a mission statement, you’ve got the wrong one, you’re not fulfilling the one you have, or you’re providing unclear indications to your customers regarding your mission statement.

If you have problems at this level, stop now and construct a mission statement for your business and maybe several alternative ones. You want to compare these to the benefits that your customers actually receive from your business. They should be the same.

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