Package Your Products Or Services To Increase Profit

by admin on May 27, 2010

When you package your products or services, you are grouping some of them together into logical sets. What these sets contain are products or services that actually complement each other so the customer isn’t inclined to buy just one of the set. They’ll usually be interested in all the items in that set.

The opposite of this is what’s called “Cafeteria Buying.” That means you offer your customers a list of things they can buy. Their usual choice is the lowest priced item or service. If you put things together in a package, they will choose the entire package.

Here are some examples of packages.

In a stereo system, you get the cassette deck, the CD player, tuner, receiver and speakers.

In a car you get power windows, disc brakes, CD player, etc.

Accounting services include bank reconciliations, tax deposits, financial statements, and quarterly reports.

Furniture stores include dining room groups (table, chairs, serving tables, corner cabinets).

Doctors offer one-stop check-up services that include blood work, chest x-ray, blood pressure, physical and EKG.

Lately, you see prepaid legal services that include collections, liability lawsuits, court filings, legal counseling, and incorporating.

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