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by admin on May 28, 2010

Some research has shown 58-77% of people surveyed say that Yellow Page ads are the primary source of their buying information. This can make your Yellow Page advertising one of your most important marketing investments. But, just being in the Yellow Pages isn’t enough.

With proper planning and innovative advertising, you can draw an amazing increase in the calls that you get from your Yellow Page ads. The objective as the Yellow Pages rightly tells you is not to produce desire-creating advertising as such, but directional advertising.

Your caller has already made up their mind they’re going to buy. You don’t need to get their desire for your product or service – it’s already there. You need to get them to call you instead of the next guy! An ad that doesn’t simply give you presence, but actually gets the caller to call you could be worth $10,000s or $100,000s of extra dollars.

Let’s look at how to do that. You want to give the caller a reason to call you. Flip through your Yellow Pages and take a section unfamiliar to you. Most likely the majority of the ads will be “name, rank and serial number.” A big name at the top, big phone number at the bottom, and painfully stated in-between in as few words as possible, “We do this, this and this.”

If you’re a big name, that might get you by, but with reasons to buy in there, you can do better. Most importantly, if you’re a little guy, giving reasons to buy can get you a high share of calls.

Turn to the “Printer” section of your Yellow Pages and you’ll see dozens or more listings. They all look a lot alike. In our example ad, we put the word STOP in big, bold letters and the headline:


With a graphic ink thumbprint right next to that.

Everyone else is simply stating obvious features, where this ad has benefits as well. Not just stating cold facts like, “We do brochures. We do offset printing and letterhead …”

You actually speak to the prospect.

For all your invoices, statements, brochures and four-color printing.
For consistent quality.

Work to suit your needs.
Special attention is given to urgent deliverables.
Economical prices to fit tight budgets.

The ad is concerned with the prospect’s cost-cutting. It gives some personality to the guy behind the ad; their enthusiasm, their commitment to excellence. The extra service they go through such as design and tight budgets.

Other printers you might see have these qualities also. But, if they don’t tell anybody, who’s going to know? The result is that this ad works its tail off and it’s smaller than its competitors. Their extra investment in designing this and taking the time will pay for itself many times over.

There’s a technique that can be used (described in one of our other sections) about offering a Free Information Guide. I’ve seen this used with plumbers, heating and air conditioning contractors, home remodelers and carpet cleaners. You offer 10 reasons not to hire a contractor or The Complete Consumer Awareness Guide To Choosing A Carpet Cleaner. I’ve actually seen this used with a curtain store. They had a curtain and soft furnishings guide full of ideas to make your home beautiful.

These techniques can work and boost the power of your Yellow Page ads.

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