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by admin on July 30, 2010

This program is based on somehow recognizing your clients and customers instead of paying them a monetary reward.

This is basically because people do like to be recognized. This can be cheaper for you if you’re not giving them money. Some of the recognition may require you to give them awards. Many of the multi-level companies that do vitamins, cosmetics, Amway, etc. give pins.

In Mary Kay, if you do well, they recognize you with a pink Cadillac. My sister sold Mary Kay for years and she didn’t even make over $1,000 in over one year, but stayed in it for years. I don’t think for the money, but for the recognition. Whenever we got together, she was always talking about the recent levels she had just made, which didn’t always mean they had to sell a lot more, it was sometimes just for length of time, and she would have a lapel pin and talk about, “They just gave so-and-so a pink Cadillac.” It was more about recognition than about money. Think about Mary Kay.

You receive compliments when you get married. Since then, your husband doesn’t compliment you at all. Maybe when you had a job you did a great job and were sold on it in the beginning, but you haven’t been complimented since because people expect you to do your job.

Here’s what you do. Every month or quarter you can have a lunch, barbecue or party in a clubhouse and have all your customers who have referred people. They could bring a guest of their choice. It’s important to just do this for special customers. Ones that have referred people – not everyone.

For the first referral, you give them a gold pin. For the second, a pearl for the pin. For the third, a pearl with an emerald. For the fourth, an emerald with a ruby. On the fifth, a ruby with a diamond. After that, maybe a string of diamonds coming down off the gold pin. These can be done for a surprising inexpensive amount of money.

You talk about some products and services you have at the lunch. You might have a speaker who can provide them with real good information. Have everyone fill out a form like the one that’s included. It will generate more referrals.

It’s an inexpensive proposal. For the price of a lunch, you get new customers, not to mention the prospects you will convert from the lunch who are guests. The overall expense is very slight compared to the business it will generate.

If you’re worried about the cost, remember that everyone who referred people will not show up at the lunch. You want to mention it in the newsletter, if you send one out, that all the customers who received word about your recent barbecue and tell them exactly what they received. This will encourage those people who aren’t referring anyone to you to start referring.

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