Secret To Sales Writing Success

by admin on August 3, 2010

If you have problems writing good salesletters, good ads or good copy, but you are a good salesman, there is a very easy technique that will help you write good sales material. That is to tape record yourself.

People sit down and try to write an advertising piece and they become overwhelmed by the process. It’s not a natural thing. You’ve probably been in business for years and understand how to sell your product or service.

All you have to do is tape record yourself and have it written down on paper. It will become 95% of your salesletter. Then use the techniques in this course to create a good headline, good guarantees, make sure there are subheads, it’s eye-friendly, and add a picture with a caption.

When you’re writing salesletters, ignore all the grammar rules and dangling participles, adverbs, etc. I couldn’t tell you what any of those things are. You learn all these things in school and now you have to unlearn them.

Simply talk into a tape recorder the way you would sell; do it several times; then take the best one and have it transcribed. Instead of doing it from scratch, you have it 99% done.

If you’re going to tape record somebody else, be sure to get their permission. If you have a salesman who is the best in your company, have him do it. Tape record some conversations. Write exactly what you have recorded. If it’s a one-word sentence that says, “Yes” or “Hello” or a two-word sentence that says, “That’s right.” Just leave them like that. Don’t worry about grammar or rules that you learned in school. They don’t make any difference when you’re trying to sell something.

That’s what a salesletter is – salesmanship and print. By tape recording yourself and putting it on paper, you’re now going to make the whole process of writing salesletters much easier.

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