Sequenced Mailings – A Three-Step Letter

by admin on August 4, 2010

This is probably one of the most important things you will learn in this entire course – sequenced mailing. This can double and triple your business without doing any other creative work at all.

You can take the mailings you are already using and apply one unique twist that’s not even creative and make them produce at least twice the results you’re already getting without doing anything else. The cost to do this is rock-bottom.

In recent years, customers have been bombarded with so many forms of mail from so many different companies that they become numb to it all. At the same time, all this advertising makes your customer more sophisticated and more aware when they’re being sold something. All this information coming in that we’re in the midst of has created all these books, newspapers, magazines, software, hardware, and all this new technology that all compete for the customer’s time, attention and money.

This has resulted in a big increase in the length of buying cycles. Direct marketers find out now that it takes two weeks to begin seeing their first orders when they used to see orders within a few days. On top of this, delivery by the Post Office has actually gotten slower. Some First-Class mail takes up to a week to be delivered.

These factors have actually pushed your double-day on your First-Class mail sometimes out to 30 days. “Double-day” means the point in time you reach where how many ever responses or orders you receive up to that point, if you double that number, that’s how many responses you’re probably going to get. It used to take about 15 days. If you had 20 orders at that point, you knew you would get a total of 40.

Another side effect of this longer buying cycle is that upsells in your process seem to be more effective. The conversion rate seems to be a little higher than they used to be. It’s probably because customers are now beginning to hold onto your salesletter and reading it more than once, hanging on to it, thinking about it, and usually taking the upsell item because they’ve made more of an in-depth analysis of their buying decision.

Here’s what’s really interesting of this side effect. The old rule of thumb used to be that if you mailed a second time to the same list, you could expect up to about 50% of the orders you received the first mailing. Now you can get as much as 100% with each follow-up mailing.

You can keep mailing as long as you keep making money.

I recommend you mail at least 3 times to your leads. And then each prospect who wants information about your product or service should receive a minimum of at least 3 mailings spaced out by about 15 days.
This may sound like a difficult process, but it really isn’t. You don’t have to send out a completely different mailing piece every 15 days.

Here are 3 ways that work very well:

#1    Use a different cover with a copy of the original mailing piece.
You keep your cover letter to 1 to 2 pages and the basic thrust is, I want to remind you what you missed by not taking advantage of the original offer.

#2    Use the original letter or a different cover letter, but include more incentives.
Additional incentive terms might be better payment terms, more bonuses, reduced price or a stronger guarantee.

#3    Change only the opening of your original letter and keep the remainder of the letter the same.
Slap on a “Second Notice” at the top of your salesletter and change the opening to, “Since we haven’t heard from you, we’ve sent you this second letter.” As it goes on, it’s the exact same letter. It’s really the same as the first, but the headline and first couple of paragraphs can be a little different to let them know this is the Second Notice.

The third package changes the headline to a Final Notice. You can change that opening paragraph also. It’s been proven to double your response by just sending these second and third letters.

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