Sneaky Test Approach

by admin on June 24, 2010

After you’ve created your mock-up on your marketing piece, test it by showing it to an employee, friend or relative and ask them if they’re able to do the following things:

Identify the name of the business.
Identify and understand what the product or service is that your business provides.
Identify the USA.
Can they easily read and understand the printed information?
Can they identify a feeling or tone associated with the marketing piece?
What’s their first impression? Their feeling of your business after seeing the piece?
Is that first impression the person expresses the one you are trying to get across?
(If appropriate) You want the person motivated to action to use your product or service.
If they want to contact your business, is that easy?

It’s called the Sneaky Test Approach for this reason. You might want to not tell them this is from your business, if possible. Otherwise, just give it to them and let them read it.

The response you don’t want is, “Hey, this is a great marketing piece” and they give it back to you. They’re probably not versed in what it takes to make a good letter. If that’s the response you get, it’s back to the drawing board.

The response you might want to get is give them the letter, let them read it, and they should say, “How do you do this? How can I get this?” If that’s the response you get, you know you have a great marketing piece or the beginning of one.

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