Stop Talking. Close The Sale.

by admin on May 30, 2010

The key to success in selling is to actually know when your prospect has decided to buy.

When this point is reached, you don’t have to do any more selling of your product or service. In fact, if you continue to keep convincing them, you might actually talk them out of the sale and lose that sale altogether.

How do you determine when your prospect has reached this point? It is actually something you can learn. After you learn what to look for, you need to stay alert during the sales presentation and be alert to accurately assess each situation.

Some of the indicators that signal readiness to buy are:

#1    They stop listening to you.

#2    They stop asking details about the sale.

#3    When they start asking questions about the use of the product or the details of the delivery service.

#4    After they agree with your closing questions.

#5    When they ask about delivery.

#6    When they want to know the details of your warranty or guarantee.

#7    When their body language (such as becoming more relaxed) indicates they have been convinced.

As you analyze your own style, you’ll be able to identify your own personal list of ways your prospects indicate they are closed. However, always be alert to new indicators as you experience them.

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