Use 800 And 888 Toll-Free Telephone Numbers To Skyrocket Your

by admin on June 2, 2010

If your business goes after prospects outside of your local calling area, you may want to obtain a toll-free number (an 800 or 888 number).

An interesting statistic is that they are using 888 numbers now because they have run out of 800 numbers. It took 20 years to run out of 800 numbers. The 888 numbers are allegedly going to be exhausted in about 2 years.

People are seeing the power of toll-free numbers. The existence of a toll-free telephone number is always a plus from their point of view and, if it increases sales, it’s a plus from your point of view.

You shouldn’t choose to use one just on the basis of those two reactions. The final decision should be based on these following issues:

#1    The volume of toll-free calls your business would receive.

#2    How many of these calls would result in sales?

#3    The volume of regular calls your customer would make if your business didn’t have an 800 number.

#4    The cost of your toll-free service.

#5    Are your products or services the types a customer would use a toll-free number to investigate?

#6    Can you successfully use a toll-free number in your marketing campaign?

We are also going to teach, in another technique, a method of using toll-free numbers to generate leads. Whatever the basis for your decision, it certainly is a potential way to stay in touch with your customer base, and if it encourages them to buy more from your business, it may be well worth the added expense.

You can get an 888 toll-free service for about $14.00 a month plus the additional usage from the phone calls. The maintenance fee is about $14.00 a month. Research shows that even in your local market, you will get more calls to an 800 number than you will to your regular phone number, so you may actually consider getting an 800 number just for your local market.

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