Use Comment Cards

by admin on June 4, 2010

One effective way to actually create positive PR, even when a customer has a complaint or suggestion based on their dealings with your business, is to provide them with an opportunity to communicate directly with you.

This can be accomplished with Comment Cards. They can be made available at your place of business. They can be deposited in a regular Suggestion Box. They could be mailed directly to your attention, postage-paid from your clients or customers. They can be given to people when the work is done on-site; during the work or at the end, and ask them to fill it out and have the technician take it with them.

One caution is to avoid leading the customer’s response by giving them too much direction or instruction on the Commend Card.

Ideally, what the card will do is provide just enough structure to guide them into thinking, leaving the parameters of comment open so you can get open-ended comments based on their thinking.

Use Direct Mail

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