Use Door Hangers

by admin on June 6, 2010

One alternative to direct mail, and there are many, is to use door hangers in a target neighborhood. You can saturate a residential market by “farming” that particular market. This is a technique popular with real estate agents when they seek more sales in one neighborhood after they’ve actually had some success with selling or renting a neighbor’s house.

The advantage to door hangers is that you can saturate a market without actually talking to any of the prospects. Not that you necessarily wouldn’t want to talk to them, but only because it’s become increasingly hard to catch people at home, and with telephone companies telemarketing all the time, it makes it even harder to get them to talk to you on the phone. They’re becoming less and less interested in being bothered at home. They want to be left alone. They’re only interested in talking to others that they call; friends, and family. By hanging something on the door, you can gain access to your target market without actually bothering your prospects.

Usually the best types of products and services to market this way are those products and services that can be used at home because that’s where they’re going to read your message. However, that doesn’t mean other types of products and services can’t be marketed this way also.

The key is to determine what works for your business and that, of course, requires test marketing. You may also look to see if the door hanger approach is working for any other type of business.

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