Use Newsletters To Keep In Contact With Your Customers

by admin on June 7, 2010

For your newsletter to be effective as a marketing tool, it needs to consist of a little more than news. A newsletter needs to be informative, but also used as a selling instrument.

The newsletter itself can be free as a benefit to your customers for already having made a previous purchase, available at a price that helps create value, or it can be totally free to any and all prospects and customers, just as a public service.

The newsletter should contain information and materials that are useful to its reader, and once the prospective customer views the newsletter as valuable, you can focus on the next step of creating the perceived value of your business’ products or services in the minds of the readers of that newsletter.

The major benefit of the newsletter medium is that it can be a subtle approach to selling that appeals to a larger and larger percentage of the population these days. People get tired of attempts to sell them products and services outright. To many, this is a softer approach and is more appealing. They will respond by voting yes with their wallet and increasing their purchases of your business’ products.

The size, layout, color, frequency of the issue, and selling proportion versus the information proportion, and the way in which the newsletter is distributed, are some of the decisions required at start-up and to maintain a newsletter subscription.

You want to be certain to try a limited test of your newsletter idea before you really commit to providing your newsletter on a regular basis to a large group of prospects or customers. If you’re successful in creating a newsletter that your market reads on a regular basis, you are well on your way to gaining a loyal customer for life.

How do you create a newsletter?

#1    Come up with a theme.

#2    Develop special monthly sections to run each month.

#3    Decide the number of pages. 4-8-12-16, etc. The number of pages needs to be divisible by 4. It is cheaper for printing reasons. Talk to your printer about that.

#4    Determine the frequency of publication: monthly, bimonthly.

#5    Who will create the editorial and featured contents?

#6    Will you put in ads or no ads?

#7    Will there be an action section or notice to call your business for more information or to order?

#8    Put in copyright information including ads, questions from your current customers, etc.

#9    Add testimonials.

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