Welcome Wagon

by admin on August 10, 2010

This is a great opportunity for you. You have plenty of chances to contact new homeowners in their new community. Welcome Wagons are programs where they put together a basket and a local person drops it off to new homeowners with coupons, samples, and various items. There are also card decks that are specifically designed for new homeowners. You can get rented lists for new homeowners and send them direct mail pieces. If you go with a welcoming service, you want to be sure you meet with the representatives so you know how the package will be presented and set things up accordingly.

Make sure anyone who wants to be representing your services, if it’s a liaison from a welcoming committee, they need to be excited about your services too. If you can meet with them and show them your book or free report and gift you will give to someone for trying your business (the “free cookie”) and get them excited, they will translate that over to the new homeowners.

Whatever you end up doing, a card deck, direct mail piece or Welcome Wagon basket, you want to be sure you give them an irresistible offer to seek more information, education and service from you.

Remember the value of your customer. You can spend a little extra money to get these new homeowners because you’re going to keep them for life and they will buy more and more services and products from you down the road.

Write A Consumer Guide Book Or Report

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