Write Your Own Salesletters

by admin on August 12, 2010

You’ve got a lot of salesletters in your course that you can use as-is or with minor modifications. They work and can be big moneymakers for you. That’s fine to use them as a start and continue to use them as one method of marketing.

Once you study this course several times, get the hang of it, understand the tips and secrets to putting together your own marketing campaign and salesletters, then you want to develop your own.

You know your company better than anyone else. Better than any ad agency and better than I do. My company is different from yours. Your competitor’s company is different from yours. Your USA might be 24-hour service or speedy repairs. Whatever it may be, you need to create salesletters, copy, and headlines that reflect your methods of doing business.

It might seem a little hard at first, so start off modeling the letters that are in this course and then change certain parts that aren’t compatible with your business.

You can take one of the salesletters as a model and turn to the writing copy section and use that as a model. We’ll guide you and help you start with the steps to take in order to start writing profit-producing sales copy.

Remember to always keep learning. You want to continue to read direct marketing and writing salesletters and selling and so on. You want to experiment with other things. Be creative. Track your results.

You Can Accomplish Several Goals

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