You Want To Have A Standard Package Of Material For New

by admin on August 17, 2010

You need a package of information to send to every new customer that is going to thank them for becoming a client, include your free report or book that explains your products and services, and educates them as to why they’re going to continue to do business with them with a sample newsletter and formal referral program.

This type of package can do many things for you. It can show them your company goes the extra mile. It can create higher perceived value because they’re getting more than just a product or service initial sale from you and that’s it. It blows them away when they compare it to the products and services they get from other companies.

It helps you convince them to buy more and continue being a customer of yours. It’s cheap and easy. You’re going to be sending information to them anyway, so you may as well package it together in a welcome kit.

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